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No playback devices+No audio=Please help


TRIBE Member
Ok I hate those techie websites that always come up with answers when you google a question so instead I am posting here...please have mercy

I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to either get my PC to load some software that needs audio and/or trying to get a copy of virtual PC intalled on my Mac so I can use said program there.

My PC is fucked, having switched to macs a couple of years ago it was a rude awakening buying a crap box but that is another rant. I am running windows 2000 with the latest service pack. I think that since I upgraded from 98 something fucked up but not sure as I did not try and play audio on 98. When I try and install the program I need, it says

"Wav playback not supported, please and enable and reinstall" or some shit. I check for hardware and the preferred device thing is greyed out under Sound playback as it says No playback devices.

WTF is going on? Is this a driver issue? I think I have a soundcard called AC97 but dont know if it is working. I have no clue what codecs are. I have DLed quicktime and iTunes as well as windows media player but I assume that is not the issue.

Please help me. I grant sexual favours or loan my gf out for some to anyone who can help me solve this crap. Fuck u bill gates u cunt.