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No more bullshit..OFFICIAL WEMF Reviews


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Bass-Invader:
Originally posted by breakz_btch:
^^^^ yea..........i know. Missed that tho.

if it makes you feel any better, he wasn't spinning much breaks from what i heard when i was there. Still good shit though.

sorry but words cant describe how good that set was...breaks, classic rock, jazz, funk, disco, the list goes on....i knew i should have recorded it....stupid me.

anyway: IF ANYONE WAS @ WEMF -&gt; I forgot my voice there...if u have it plz return it to me asap!

Thank U,


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by originalVIBE:
sorry but words cant describe how good that set was...breaks, classic rock, jazz, funk, disco, the list goes on....i knew i should have recorded it....stupid me.

anyway: IF ANYONE WAS @ WEMF -&gt; I forgot my voice there...if u have it plz return it to me asap!

Thank U,
Oh, i agree, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Right music at the right time.


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Absolutely disgusting.

Police everywhere barking orders to people in line.. CTV in full force interviewing cops and sketched out kiddies (the majority of the crowd)... random searches of people both in the line and in the event. Yes.. there was a team of 'event' security stopping people walking through the tent area doing random searches.. we also had our tent area searched and all smokables siezed with threats that we'd be sent to the OPP if we didn't cough up everything. They came back 20 minutes later and did it again..

The location itself was beyond disgusting.. litter everywhere.. no one cleaning the garbages.. i was waiting for the seagulls to come overhead.

Music stopped at 10am saturday morning.. with absolutely nothing to do until 6pm.. what about the surprise that was supposed to happen sat aft? Everyone looked ticked at the serious lack of open space.. tents were everywhere as the space could hold only about half of the amount of people that showed up.
Three tents in our area were robbed.. security didn't seem to know what was going on with that.

No vibe on the main stage at any point from what i could see. Whoever it was that spun sandstorm didn't help things.

The look on everyone's face sunday morning said it all.. the only sense of unity i got were the people who kept proclaiming this would be their last wemf.

way to throw a party de$tiny.

ecstasy riot

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WOW !!!!

I got in around 2:30pm on Friday and the fun never stopped. Everything was just going right, and didn't stop, until I had to leave around 5:50pm today so I have just gotten home.

I managed to stay in the Syrous tent pretty much all the 3 days, and it was amazing.

Ed Rush and Optical, aHHH!!!!!!!!!!! That last song they played with the best rolling bassline was driving my legs insane. I need that set.

I was really sad that Ray Keith didn't show up but at least that gave me time to sleep.

Dieselboy was another incredible DJ and I liked the way he spun, very into his mixes, not a looking at crowd kind of DJ, which is nice to see once in a while.

MARCUS !!!!!!!! Oh my gawd !!! I see this man spin at least once a week and I can never get enough, EVER !!! So good. SO good.

But the set of the party was definately
He just does the most exhausting things with the crossfader in the best way possible. His set was a lot more downtempo than usual, which was great, because I love all his hardcore. But it was nice to relax to, well sort of, at 6am on Saturday morning.

WEMF fuking rules !!!

It was definately was a wonderful, no, GRAND and memorable way to spend an anniversary.


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one word for wemf: hassles

ok- after the unexpectedly long drive to get there we found we couldn't park at the venue. (oh- i also loved the $20 parking! free parking my ass......)we thought we would just bring a couple things with us and get the rest later. big mistake. it only took us an hour to get in but my friends went to get our stuff and it took them 3 hours. lovely......sat around alot trying to avoid getting burned waiting for the music. finally at 9pm we decide to go to the party only to find that there is no music. so chantel busts out her shitty little stereo and we dance and try to not be depressed that the party is supposedly getting shut down. at midnight after much drama, the music starts up. at 1:30 i go to bed cuz i'm fucking tired from the long ass boring day.

wake up at 8:30 only to find ourselves with 12 hours of solid NOTHING to do. we parked in the jungle tent and listened to our stereo and made bracelets. i have never been so bored in all my life. when night falls we go get our party gear on and drop a couple e's. only then did i have fun. headed to the destiny stage for jon the dentist, who spun an amazing set. the crowd was so hyped- every buildup in his set was so crazy....the crowd was clapping- and not like cheesy concert clapping......ravers actually have rythym! then we made our way to the hulla tent for anabolic frolic. that was pure insanity! that tent had so much energy in it....fave set of the weekend definately!

but again- i was pure tired by like 3:30. went back to the tent and kinda fell in and out of conciousness til 7am when we decided we had to get out of there. packed up our shit and had a long long long walk back to the car, cuz of course we couldn't pull the car up to the gate or anything.

ok, so there's my weekend. more hassles than it was worth. i appreciate the effort destiny put into the party, but this was total bullshit. now i can officially call myself a bitter jaded raver. and i realize all of this wasn't destiny's fault either. i'd like to give a big fuck you to the police of bobcaygeon. and also the nieghbours of the area. overall the actual party was pretty good, considering- but i happened to have a pretty shitty time. and for the good times i did have, i'll thank my friends for that and all the wicked people i met.
i'd also like to thank the couple that helped me with my stuff on the way to the parking lot!

wemf rating: 5/10


ecstasy riot

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Variant:
Music stopped at 10am saturday morning.. with absolutely nothing to do until 6pm..

The look on everyone's face sunday morning said it all..

Maybe sleep? Some of us had to recover from dancing all night and aren't robots on lots of amphetamines. This is the way it always is, so people have time to relax.

The look on everyone's face that said they hated WEMF was probably more along the lines of - fuck i want to die, how much drugs did i do? cos i don't even remember.

There was so many friendly people I met that weren't sketchy or on drugs *gasp*, and there was a ton of vibe happening, but obviously you weren't in the Syrous tent where everyone was just going crazy for the talent.


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I'm really tired right now so i'll keep this sweet.

best sets:
Ed Rush and Optical tore it up.
Chris Lawrence
Chris Liberator, DDR, Geezer...
Sniper, Slip and Slide...basically anyone i heard in the jungle room on Saturday.

Respects go out to Stormshadow, Tack, Spinsah, and Terrawrist...only Tribe people i saw.

I had a great time though...i continually drifted between stages taking photos all night.


Two cars got in an accident not far from the venue. One car was flipped on to it's roof and the other was smashed on the front....ravers where standing off to the side.



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^^^ i was kinda scared driving home. all these ravers were in front of me swerving all over the road. maybe sleep off your drugs BEFORE you drive home???? we also played a lot of "speed up and then brake really suddenly". that was fun.......


dj x

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^^^^^ Ignorance is bliss innit?

anyways to the review.

Thursday afternoon, plans for leaving at 10pm then heading out to the venue to set up our shit and get some decent sleep before hitting the "map point." next morning at 10am.
Sadly as with all plans, shit hit the fan and we find ourselves still at 6am in Toronto printing out alternative directions to the venue.

Finally we get to the map point and are told to stay there because ppl were already showing up at 7am!
Jesse and I set up our "map point" area and blasted tunes, caused a ton of ruckus and mingled with all the partiers. Respect to all those who drove from as far as California! I KNOW I'D NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT! lol

After 8 hours of repeating the same speech, it got a bit monotonous and andy stepped in to cover the rest of the evening.
We took off to the venue got there for 6:30pm or so. Just in time before the chaos was let loose. We got inside...set up camp.
Music starts later in the evening.. but then gets cut off.. wtf? then we are told the party is over... arghhhhh 8hours of handing out maps for nothing. That's at least what we thought until some manouevres were executed and we managed to keep WEMF going..or at least for the first night!

Due to all the problems encountered, alot of the headliners were unable to show for the obvious reasons.

The second day, it rained.. ewww but it cooled things down for the rest of the night.
Later in the evening, Matt and me played for a bit out of the back of the van.

The mud kinda sucked cuz it was dead slippery everywhere.. and it sucked even more when I realised ppl were just putting there tents whereever they felt like it.
Next time we're bringing caution tape!

Heard a bit of Czech's set on Saturday at the Neksis tent. Then decided to call it a night....was soooo tired and when you get delirious and sketchy, it's time to retire, so that's what I did! hehe. apologies to those who I bitched at, Willar + no sleep and treats = SKETCH! Eitherway, I rested till we had to leave around 9am or so. Wow was I ever glad to get outta there quickly!

The one thing I was highly dissapointed about
was the fact that all I wanted to see was "The Bassbin Twins." and they weren't making it to WEMF. So many of us were just devastated!
But given the circumstances, I understood. With all the problems this weekend, I gotta give props to those who pulled out every single resource they had to legally keep the 3 day happening, enuff respect to those who partied responsibly, even tho things didn't go as planned, the 3 day was definitely tonnes of fun this year.
I loved the set up but dancing was hard cuz of the uneven ground.
Anyways, that's all I have to say, I had an awesome time, things were different but were still good
Nice seeing so many people.
Shouts to all the "#3 crew" in the VAN!, Jen & Jess from Hamilton and their friend Becky!The camp eic crew and all you other ppl I had the pleasure to party with

Till next year! Hope everyone got home safely.

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no ray keith
no digital
no spirit
no skibadee
no mcmc.
diesel boy played friday only.

so, since i went up saturday afternoon/evening, i pretty much paid $65+15 for parking for a party where approx. 75% of the headliners, that i paid to go see didn't show.

i know it would never ever happen, but i want my money back.

ed rush and optical though.. damn.
some of their tracks scare me.

ha... and on the way up i stopped to ask for directions, and the lady says..

"oh, no?!?!, you two aren't going to the insane assylum are you?"

she then proceeded to warn us and tell us very genuinely to "please please becareful"

haha... nice to see some people care.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by rentboy:
One car was flipped on to it's roof and the other was smashed on the front....ravers where standing off to the side.


We saw one car, bottom torn apart, looked like they ran up a curb at a high speed. Teenagers standing off to the side(looked like ravers but might have been locals..)

On a brighter note
On the 401 west towards toronto, did anyone notice a motorcycle stopped next to the cement guardrail in the middle of the highway?
Beside the motorcycle on one side of the cement guardrail was a man, on the other side of the guardrail was a woman, and both were kissing in a fashion similar to the two people in the new bran van 3000 video.

One on each side of the cement barrier kissing, in the center of the 401...some cool shit to see.

Makes me wish i had a motorcycle..(jokes)


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">DJ X:
We spoke to some peeps who ran the gas station and convenience stores in the area and seemed to be really happy cuz they were getting more business then they'd ever gotten!
We were getting filmed by someone at the map point while we were handing them out. We got everyone to block her view of what we were doing and talking about.. eventually I got rude and told her to fuck off. *in a nice way of course *</font>

Haha.. where was she from? Tha'd be funny if it was Larissa from The New Music.. haha!



TRIBE Member
funniest thing overheard at wemf:

"don't blame me, i'm an AMERICAN!"

more tomorrow.....

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dj x

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Vidman:
Haha.. where was she from? Tha'd be funny if it was Larissa from The New Music.. haha!


I have no idea... didn't care really..


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My expectations going in were pretty low, so I can't say I was really disappointed.

The venue (in the long run, the most important element of a 3 day event like this) was crap. I understand this wasn't exactly destiny's first choice, but partying in a marsh/bog/swamp wasn't that great.

Christian Smith didn't show up, and he was one of my main reasons for going. I didn't see DJ Funk, even though I kept popping in to the Phlux tent all saturday night. I have a feeling he didn't show either.

The destiny stage was kind of boring... really unexciting trance, with a few bright spots in between.

It was kind of stupid having all the breaks in the chill out tent... sitting around and watching is all good, but I'd rather be dancing.

What else... oh yes, the lovely crowd (sarcasm). So many sketched out fuckheads. I guess I should've expected this, but it's still disturbing to see so many high people.

On my way back to the car, some incredibly sketchy guy kept following me and my buddy. He then circled around my car, and then proceeded to get in to the drivers seat. He looked really lost and confused. I almost felt bad for him, but he got somewhat angry and defensive when I asked him what the fuck it was that he was doing. The whole situation was just really creepy....

... but now that I think about it, the same can be said for this whole party. Sketched and creepy. Bah.


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I liked wemf; I'm not supposed to say that, but I liked it, and I'm entirely unsure why people would think it *sucked* (other than raver-bitchiness and the effects of being cracked out).

Anything that was really *wrong* with it, considering the magnitude of the event, was a personal thing and not really the promoter's fault. or not; if they had better fences they would have kept out the three 15 year old ghetto bastards who decided they would hate me from the moment they announced they were sneaking into wemf at 9 on friday night. next year, i am fully willing to pay $20 or $30 extra for electric fences and guard dogs to keep out such sketch as thinks asking everyone for money and selling vials of salt is cool.

the massive: was better than usual, by far. i attributed this to a large number of americans and non-toronto ravers (yeah, ravers--deal with it) who seem to have a slightly better idea of what it's supposed to be about. also, a lot of people i haven't seen in a long time, and a lot of people who actually tried, and didn't just throw on whatever clothes their mommy just bought at athlete's world and show off how much better than everyone else they are. general friendliness was astonishingly high even in the non-rolling hours; people talked to me at random all over. so, very unlike the usual, and a very good thing.

the promoters: I should be angry, right? I'm not. I'm not bitter about headliners that didn't show up, and for some reason I only just found out ray keith didn't show up. I'm not even bitter about the lineup. I waited three hours (4-7am friday), less than a lot of people, but this is my opinion:
If you are complaining, you are a bitchy raver and I probably don't like you.

exceptions: yeah, the lineup was way too long. (except that you can't really hire 20 extra security just to search during the rush.) and the shuttle busses on sunday morning were *very bad*--we waited two and a half hours, and when the busses came, it was pure raving, right there.

money: I don't even think you can say the promoters were overcharging. $90 was kind of a lot for what amounted to be equivalent to one party for me (i got in an hour before the music stopped on saturday morning), but considering their expenses i don't think the profit margin would be huge, especially considering the almost ridiculously huge police and emergency services presence. just while waiting for the shuttle bus, there were four OPP cars from different cities, an ambulance and a fire/rescue truck. that has to cost a lot.

the music: (nothing to do with drugs!) music is all opinions anyway, but a lot of djs seem to have stocked up on tracks i know for a while, including some shocking ones i never expected to hear. which is good.


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well...wow. what an experience. Although I can understand why some people might not really enjoy wemf, I still managed to have a great time
For me it was all spending time with friends. There were a ton of problems with this party, but no, i don't really feel that it was the promoters fault and I really want to thank them for doing everything possible to keep wemf on (really people, would you rather have had it been cancelled?), from finding another venue after Cayuga didn't work out, to doing everything to get it going again on Friday night. These problems had to do with the media, government and general public and their ignorance...
Despite having lots of personal problems this weekend, and depite possibly having heat exhaustion on Saturday I definitely enjoyed my weekend of pure madness and I have to give respect to all those who managed to have fun despite all else and to those who made this happen. FUn, optimistic people can have fun and be happy regardless of any complaints they might have

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Well, home again.

When one sits here and thinks about this years festivities, the size, the media attention, the police and all the other pure and utter craziness that took place over the course of the weekend. One can only feel proud on how the event feel into place. When you really think about, the entire weekend was oh-so-very close to being a total failure. Things could of been better, they could of been better music and better organization. But considering the circumstances, the weekend of festivities did take place, and for just that, I am satisfied.

Well, we were smart enough to make an early appearance on Friday afternoon, we did our rounds of the site, said our hello’s and waited patiently for everyone’s appearance. I was sitting at the Serenity trailer just before sunset when we heard the forthcoming news over the radios “ALL STAGES, POWER OFF”. We all gave each other the same grim look while thinking the same situations out in our head ‘was it over? could it possibly be the end?’ Over the course of the next few minutes we heard the repetitive beats from the 4 stages that were already in business slowly become silent, only leaving the noise of confused campers wishing to know what their fate would be for the weekend. A few hours later I sat and watched with a few friends the confrontation between Ryan Kruger and the authorities. It was at this time when the thought of the party actually not taking place became somewhat of a reality in my mind. But as we all know, we fought, papers were written up, Ryan Kruger was officially removed as the legal sponsor of the event, and the show went on.

Now taking a look at the venue, it is a truly amazing feat at what you can accomplish after cutting down a large forested and fielded area, putting up some generators and a few tents, invite a few thousand people and BAM, you have WEMF 2001. I cant help but laugh at the location they actually chose. The grounds were too small for the amount of people that were there, which made for a significant amount of overcrowding in the tenting area, however on the plus side, it added a uncharacteristically ‘close’ feeling that I didn’t think could be accomplished with an event this size. Now whether you would of rather bargained that away for more wide open space, well that’s your choice, but I took it all in stride.

Hello? RV’s? This is the ONE thing I am REALLY pissed about! The RV setup was in the BACK of the parking lot. Some of us forked over some SERIOUS cash to rent an RV for the weekend, and being stuck in butfuck nowhere with a 40min walk to our clean get-aways from the main site, with no real RV hookups, I am disappointed beyond any possible words.

Now to everyone that was in attendance, its easy to say the Destiny mainstage had be best setup and best location out of any of the promoters that participated this last weekend. Even though I found no real reason to venture there (music wise, not my taste) all weekend, it was a pretty impressive large and flashy (ha ha) setup.

When I was out and funking it up to music, chances are, I would be been in the Dose stage. Chris Anderson laid down the killer set for my Friday night. He spun a nice extended grindy no-good funky over the-top breakin-it-down house set that made my night. Clean cut on the ball mixing, fresh tracks that were filled with the ups and downs of a pure master.
Saturday night consisted of me venturing to the Dose tent once again, with my women in tow. I got off to a incredible start with Myka and Tim Patrick, who I might add, were the best sets of the weekend, no questions asked. With the Bassbin Twins being a noshow, I was left with Olav Basoski to satisfy me, which he did not. Too hard, too wretchid, I ran away from the Dose tent and never returned. Thus I must reiterate a point, Myka’s set was simply gold, sweet groovy rolling and beat induced house. Then with Timmy P up to bat, he pounded down a set and put everyone to shame. With sets like that (and I don’t care if Toronto can hear him every weekend) this guy should of been given an extended Saturday night primetime set, he would of had that tent rockin all night, instead of the utter lameness that occurred in their after midnight.

To compare this WEMF to previous ones, technically it might not of gone as well as previous ones, with the aforementioned problems. But personally, it took the cake as the best. I left early Sunday morning without problems, or any hooliganism to speak off.

With all that said, I would like to give my personal gratitude to Will Chang and Tyler Cho for doing what they did. Will you once again showed the Toronto scene how much of an asset you are to all of us, in the face of the worst examples of prejudice.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 7.5/10

Corey B.


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What a mighty triumph!

Bitterness and jadedness have their benefits. They foster a general distain for the organization and promotes entertainment self sufficiency. Thus, I came to WEMF knowing what would suck and calculating how to avoid it. In short, I wanted to have a good time, and, despite paying $75, I knew I couldn't rely on Destiny to do it all. And neither should they!

We knew we were in for a logistical nightmare from the get-go. But we were mentally prepared and, frankly, the event wouldn't have been as entertaining had everything gone "the way it's supposed to".

As always, the lineup was long. My only real complaint: why are there always so few people doing the searches? They know when the busy times are and really, how expensive is it to hire a few more grunts to go through bags? This would relieve 90% of the bitching and is fairly easy to do. It boggles my mind that this problem is not corrected year after year.

But I used my time in line to scope out the back entrances to WEMF, talk to comers-and-goers about fences and security, since my pack was filled 90% with beer and there was really no sane way of expecting to make it through the search. You can hide a bag of pills, you can hide an ounze or two of shrooms, but you can't hide 11.5 litres of beer. Hell, I could barely cary it.

After an hour in line we noticed the music was off. This was unsettling. About two hours later they announced that the party was done and only people with wristbands would be permitted back in to retrieve their stuff. The line was turning riotous and I was surprised that cops would try to send this many disgruntled people away. Chaos ensued. I saw our opportunity, and quietly mentioned to my group of three what we were gonna do. I suspected security/cops were busy dealing with this chaotic group of unhappy plur-bots, and thus we deaked into the field, down the trees, over a hill, into the darkness, and slipped into the weekend without rules.

Eventually we came to the edge of the fence, and hopped over the meagre barb wire distraction and creek separating us from WEMF. Unfortunately, my stepping was not solid, partially because my footwear was sandles, partially because I was carrying 150 pounds of beer, water, and clothing on my back, and partially because I had already consumed some of that beer. The barb wire did a number on my feet and legs, but I was none concerned, for I had made entry to the closed party without hassle, leaving a horde of angry waiting ravers in a foggy memory behind me.

The next step was to find my crew, locate the tent, set up, and enjoy. Translation: we had acquired, it was now time to consume.

Dear people who complain of being bored. Boring people have boring times. You must be boring. I had a great time chatting it up with friends all of friday and saturday morning/afternoon. No music, no problem.

I guess I really don't give a shit whose spinning where or what. Aside from genres, the differences between DJs are trivial. It's not like they write the tracks (in most cases), and even when they do, it's hardly a Mozart or Beethoven we're talking about, so... My point, the fact that some DJs didn't show or were late or schedules changed doesn't really matter at all. And if you can find someway of entertaining yourself when they aren't playing, all the power to you. Thus, mad props to the people I was with, who can actually carry a conversation for three days if necessary. And to Quirkz for bringing that chessboard.

I loved the venue. A bit small, but big enough. Trees are a big plus. Who cares if it's muddy. I walked through that swamp to get to the mainstage several times.

The weather was ideal. The rain was a nice touch. It was only a few hours anyways, and both nights the weather was to die for. Did you see those stars? I love chatting it up inside tents in the rain. Again props to my attorney and friend ANdrew for keeping me entertained during those rainy tent confined hours.

I can't imagine what was giong on behind the scenes, but my respect goes out in many ways to those people. I love to bitch and complain otherwise, but the sacrifices that were made during the event show you guys in a new light. All my other complaints I think are still valid, but an air of redemption hangs over this weekend. If I run into you guys at a pub, I will purchase you a pint of Caffrey's.

What else can I say. The weekend was absolutely perfect. This was only possible because I did not rely on someone else to pull all the strings for us. Also because I had all the beer and cigarettes I needed for 3 days. And because my company was well chosen. Not one regreat.

Well... except for my collapsing early saturday evening and severe sketchiness that ensued.... but that's another story...

Schlägel on everyone.

Adquiro et Devoro


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Cory, that wasn't Olav on Saturday night...that was Chris Anderson playing from ~ 11ish till 1ish....
this party was amazing for me...lots of good friends...lots of friendly strangers...good tunes...frolics set in the hulla tent on Saturday was definitely the best of the weekend...VIBE like you would not believe unless you were there....
Czech played dope in the #3 Ryder truck

Will and Tyler have gotten mention, but Brad-S4 also deserves equal thnaks as it was him whose head was put on the line...

everyone who is complaining consider that this party never should have happened, the police DID NOT want it to happen...all things considered, the promoters for this event did EVERYTHING in their power to keep it going....and they did, my hat is off to all involved with the production of this massive event that will likely be the end of an era...

Astroboy out...


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Oh yeah.

Worst part of WEMF:
Jeffsus: "Mein Gott im Himmel! Someone stole all my beer!"

Best part of WEMF:
Silver1: "No, dumbasss! I put it in the cooler, remember?"

cold even..... Annuncio vobis gaudium magnam!

Acquired and Consumed
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