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No more bullshit..OFFICIAL WEMF Reviews

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Skip, Jul 21, 2001.

  1. Skip

    Skip TRIBE Member

    I am so sick and tired of hearing all of these fucking rumours on this board.

    I am however, extrememly curious as to how WEMF REALLY was, so....

    for those of you who actually went, here is the place to post the ACTUAL reviews.

    This means how were the sets, who the hell actaully played, and what was the location, decor, visuals like etc etc etc.

    PLEASE no bullshit from anyone who is not returning from the event themselves.

    Peace out. Skip.
  2. LukeF

    LukeF TRIBE Member

    I have nothing to add in regards to this matter.
  3. keld

    keld TRIBE Member

    i waited in line for 9 hours friday night.
  4. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Well I can't really give a full review due to the fact that I left my house at 11:00 (Saturday night) to go there and got inside the party at 1:30. But for the time I was there it was pretty good, not sure I liked the fact that the main stage was on a hill (it looked pretty damn cool but was a bit of bitch to dance on)

    I am glad that I didn't go on Friday however. When I met up with my friends that had come on Friday they told me that they missed the entire first night and got in finally at 6:30 in the morning!!!

    I have respect for Destiny throwing such a large scale event with the amount of hassles they had. I know people will be bitching about it but damn that's such a huge undertaking, and really they seemed to pull off a fairly good party with all the trouble.
  5. sauce

    sauce TRIBE Member

    I had a great time.
    Destiny stage light show was great, great sound in all the tents, a very bare minimum of noise bleed between the tents/stage.
    Anyways I can't write anything right now...
    P.S. Unknown soldier was at his tops tonight
    probaly my favorite set of the night.
  6. Vidman

    Vidman TRIBE Member

    [back from the 2/3 days]

    Got there at 12a Friday. No lineup, went right in. :]

    The weather, and other things, but mostly the weather was too much to take, so we left after the thunderstorm at about 5p Saturday.

    There was nothing to do in the music-less time period (from about 7am-5pm). No shuttle buses to a lake or body of water, or anywhere! You could take your vehicle out for a drive and find it yourself.. after walking a KM up to the parking lot (or pay $1+/person for a ride up - and they weren't letting people drive to the front gates). If you left and came back, it was another $15/$20 to re-park, and $1+/person for a ride to the gate).

    Since police & amb apparently knew of this event 4 days in advance, I assume the party was to be held at Cayugah, or wherever. Surely there were legal documents signed and permits granted to host this 'world' event - which means there would have been a legal agreement - which was broken by council/the city/whoever. Can't they be sued for breach of contract or something?

    The main stage was like a smaller version of the outdoor/uncovered one at '99! Nice!!

    I liked how the stages were not all clustered together like last year.

    The goa tent kicked ass again with its decorating job!

    Was anyone else a little nervous from the lighting? :]

    The camping area was way too far from our vehicles. We should have been told this ahead of time [to minimize our load] and there should have been a truck going from the gate to the area to transport our stuff. Either that, or they should have made the camping area right inside the gates.

    There should have been way more people searching at the gates, even if just for a couple hours on Friday night. (like 30 people searching)

    Someone said they kept the music off during the day to give the neighbours a break...? Screw that! Isn't this a 'world' festival? You're more concerned about not bothering 8 houseloads of people than giving 1000's of us what we paid for? ('3-days' .. aka 48 wemf hours). The break in the morning was nice, but it should have been back on at noon.

    Friday night was fun, but I think if there's a next year we'll go just for Saturday.

  7. originalVIBE

    originalVIBE TRIBE Promoter

    I just got home not to long ago and I have to shower now and get ready for Area 1. This was my most memorable rave ever. What other party has anyone been to that police shut down yet the party continues. I am not about to disguss and of the bull shit and loads of rummors and other crap on this board....

    For those who went....RESPECT! I know everyone had a great time despite all the bullshit...
    It is safe to say you probably witnesed the end of an era...
    WEMF has always been the scene greatest acomplishment, getting world recognition and uniting us with ravers from all over North America. I had such a great time so at least I am ending off on a high note. I hope the same happend for you...

    ps - Is it me or does any other t-dot ravers miss the vibe that took place both when the party started back up again on friday and loast night/this morning when there was pure beats and good times had by all....WOW!
  8. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    For now, all i have to do is say Will & Tyler did it again [​IMG]
  9. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    When the music stopped.. and I realised that I stood out there with Jesse handing out maps from 8:00am till 4:30pm for nothing...I was mad! But it seems like things always come through! [​IMG]

    The Bassbin Twins was to me and many others the highlight of WEMF it seemed. Sooooo disappointed about them not being present. [​IMG]

    I'll go into more detail like I said above [​IMG]
  10. me

    me TRIBE Member

    Rich Baily/Danny Boy back to back. Dose tent. Droppping all the good funky tracks early in the evening.
    Techno tent. What a trip! Crazy murals and robots!
    Ed Rush/Jungle tent. Some seriously evil tracks, and everytime I walked by the place was rammed and jumping.
    Daeman-Dose tent. Reason why I went and did not disapoint. Sun's rising and he's dropping the tuffest BIG PARTY TRACKS you'd want to hear. A+
    Other than that from the cast of "characters"
    witnessed I'd say that everyone was fucked up. Strange.
  11. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    I'll save you all a trip to my website. Here are my whopping 2 picts from this years WEMF.


    Robb G and I

    We drove like mad for 2 hours to get there on time for Robb's set (which right before mine). We parked the car, and started on the 15 minute walk to the front gate. On the way to the gate, we passed about 3000 pissed off ravers who had run out of PLUR. We got dirty looks all the way to the front and we were even yelled by one girl who thought we were cutting in the line.

    We got to the front and weren't allowed in. Looking at the line and hearing about the ongoing battle to make this event happen, we realized that even if we did get in, our set times would be pushed back until the next morning. That would have been fine, but Robb had to be on a plane in the AM. Then the Media thought it a good idea to get the crowds opinion of what was going on. I couldn't really make out anything except a bunch of yelling and swearing. The crowd was getting hostile, I got a bad feeling... so we left.


    Here's the line

    The crowd on the near side of the road consisted of mostly DJ's and other staff that were also denied enterance. The Far side of the road was the front of the line. Not a pretty sight.

    My sympathies go out to the organizers, some of whom spent most of the day Friday in court trying to make this event happen. This is a logistical nightmare and my heart goes out to you guys.

    My sarcastic thanks go out to the ignorant townspeople that tried oh, so hard to stop this event. Guess they didn't want our $100,000+ tourist dollars that Sauble got a couple years ago. You know, I'll bet if we had Garth Brooks headlining the Dose tent, there wouldn't have been a problem.

    My sarcastic thanks also go out to the ignorant OPP who thought it would be fun to follow around the organizers and systematically shut down all the other better, safer, licensed venues all over the province leaving them to have to resort to the venue they used.

    I was actually thinking that there wasn't really a point to this year's iDance... but apparently I was wrong. There is still a ton of ignorance out there. We need to educate.
  12. dj x

    dj x TRIBE Member

    It's WEMF [​IMG]
    once a year doesn't hurt does it? [​IMG]
  13. originalVIBE

    originalVIBE TRIBE Promoter

    It was 7 am....and we did not get to the venue till 6 pm
  14. originalVIBE

    originalVIBE TRIBE Promoter

    Not everyone...
  15. Vidman

    Vidman TRIBE Member

    I think the most memorable part was right before the music came back on on Friday.

    Everyone was upset, but we were all mature enough and respected ourselves and our scene enough to not cause trouble. This could have turned into a Woodstock, if it had happened to other "types" of people. While walking past hundreds of tents seeing people playing games, dancing to small tape players, or sitting around camp-fires talking - having fun, an overwhelming sense of happiness filled me.
    I was (and still am) so proud of scene and the people in it. We truly do love ourselves, who we are, and cherish what we have. Even the people who waited in line for 8+ hours kept their cool. Quite impressive.

    Near midnight the tension in the campground was peaking.. you could feel the energy from the 1000's of edgy party kids. When the music came up, everyone let loose! I wish I had that moment on video tape.

    WEMF pics online TONIGHT - http://vidman.ca
  16. o0Ira0o

    o0Ira0o TRIBE Member

    Now that it's not just a rumor that the Bassbin Twins wern't there, I'm REALLY glad I didn't go. I would have gone mainly for them, and would have been PISSED if I'd spent money to see them and they were not there.

    Peace Ira
    -hope all had a good time who went tho-
  17. eakers

    eakers TRIBE Member

    welp i got there early friday so no big lineup for me but a friend of mine waited 12 hours in line.

    i cant even describe to you the feeling of friday night when the music came back on, all the tension as midnight approached, the very pessimistic views of everybody and finally relief .

    the weather was shit in the day one minute its so hot you cant move the next its a huge thunderstorm, but at least during the night i found it quite comfortable (muddy but comfortable)

    i still had fun despite all the bullshit that happened around us and i think destiny managed to pull it off even though a few of the headliners were no-shows.

    tons more i want to write but i must go to sleep now.

  18. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    We got there around 12:30am on Saturday night, walked straight in, no problems other than getting lost because of cruddy directions(7a!!!), which made me very happy.

    I didn't like how some of the tents were so close together, when i was listening to czech in the neksis tent i was bombarded with low end noise from the neighbouring tent which almost drowned him out.

    Not that that matters.. I heard czech was running around to all the tents telling unsuspecting djs that 'he's on now' and then spinning there until removed. What a guy...
    He rocked in the dose tent. I saw KiX there, and she kept trying to sit in the trapped chair right in front of the fog machine. One of the people we came with had the fog machine controls and kept blasting her with fog every time she sat down, so fun.

    Other than the tent proximity, this party was vomiting fun, Josh the funky one was mindblowing czech as mentioned before was great.

    And i don't know if any of you had the pleasure of seeing dj ruckus in the dose tent at 6am, but he flattened the crowd(in a good way). Go you.

    Oh my other beef with this party, those smart bastards in the food area who threw pounds of onions on their grill because they knew the smell would waft all over the party... I resisted your 7.00 succulentl aromatic meal temptation you evil, evil people..
  19. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    I'll write a proper review later...maybe not, the weekend is one big blur of insainty to me....

    Despite all of the drama, all of the waiting and the heat and the cancelled djs and the dirtiness and everything else i could bitch about, I managed to have an INCREDIBLE time. It was non-stop adventures and it was definitely worth the trip.

    All of the low points to the weekend just made the high points that much greater.

    Yaaaaay WEMF.

  20. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    the whole weekend sounds like it could be made into a movie... with a happy ending!! Once ya got past all the hassles of getting in, it was an amazing party!!

    wicked wicked time!!! more later..
  21. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    let me harvest a few brain cells so i can write a proper review.

    best wemf ever! =tina= '01 [​IMG]
  22. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    Twas' a crazy drama filled weekend for sure! Don't really feel like a full review, but CZECH TWICE In A ROW!! defiantely got me going saturday night. Killer sets [​IMG]

    haha- what about that cracker-gurl who got up on the stage with czech and tried to help??????????- too funny!

    sketchy, sketchy party- but lotz of fun was had.

  23. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    He was also spinning out the back of a truck at around 6am+ or so..
  24. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    ^^^^ yea..........i know. Missed that tho.

  25. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    if it makes you feel any better, he wasn't spinning much breaks from what i heard when i was there. Still good shit though.

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