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No Doubt @ The Kool Haus

Joker FX Cha

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Yeh that's right, I went to No Doubt! And You know what? it fuc'n kicked ass! I was wanting to sell my tix last week. I'm so glad I didn't, cuz it was wicked! The sound was great! It's so nice to be able to HEAR the music. Everyone just jump'n and bump'n and have'n a good time. The band was totally energized it was too cool. They play all the goodies from the first album which was awesome. Of course everyone was off the wall for "I'm just a girl." The whole event was just wicked fun, and I loved the Music.

Oh, and DAM she was looking HOT! Janice that is! Gwen was pretty good too though.

Bill, sorry guy. I hope you were able to score some tickets.



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I saw them at Maple Leaf Gardens a couple of years ago. I was kicked in the face 6 times and crowd-surfed for the first time.

I had a fucking blast as well and Gwen is definitely too cool for the masses.

HELLA GOOD is a wicked song! Can't wait for the remixes. :D

Glad you had a good time. I wanted to go as well.


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Went with a friend since he had free tickets and I was not disappointed! The band put on a great show and Gwen was UNBELIEVABLE!


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Originally posted by Bumbaclat
My friend fooled around with one of the guys in the band after the show.


LOL...which one? One of my friends got hit on by one of the guys after the show...maybe it was the same guy? :D

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I watched a Much Music special on them and they seemed very kewl. Yup...word is that the dudes in the band luv their ladies....

To add....No Doubt is pretty damn good considering they opened up for U2 for several shows during the 3rd leg of the Elevation Tour.

"All the boys hit the girls in the back..." :D


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oh yeah

oh geez P-Air you gotta quit it, Gwen looked much better than me!!

got there just as 'The Faint' belted out their last note (literally)

but No Doubt rocked it..........
i sang to every track..yehaw
the drinking section was the place to be!!! so much room!!

bettest track was of course-don't speak
the crowd sang the first couple of lines and it was magical.i cried.

peace all........keep on dancin' is soooo in my head still