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nipple piercing kills teen


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Piercing caused toxic shock, coroner says
Mar. 16, 2006. 01:36 PM

ST. JOHN'S — Newfoundland's chief medical examiner has determined the sudden death of a teenage girl in St. John's last week, was due to toxic shock syndrome caused by a piercing.

Dr. Simon Avis says the primary infection site was the location of a breast piercing.

Avis says the piercing was done about a week before the 17-year-old died.

He says the teen had reported some discomfort to her friends a few days prior to becoming acutely ill.

Avis says the piercing was done in a "private setting", but an investigation concluded it conformed to industry standards.

However, he warns that if the piercing becomes infected, painful, red, swollen, or makes a person feel unwell, they should see a doctor
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that was from today too..

you've got admit though, it is a funny title ....kinda.......right?..


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she shoulda stuck with heroin.
but really...toxic shock a week after the piercing ?
damn screeeeech !
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RIP such a freak thing to happpen.. thats awful.. can only imagine what the family is going through.
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