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Nintendo Wii U Thread


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Well it's coming out this weekend. Have mine pre-ordered so will be picking it up on Sunday.

Will post my impressions once I get it but I'm incredibly looking forward to Zombi U (one of the Launch titles).

Also looking forward to the TV integration they are going to be doing with their Nintendo TVii app which essentially consolidates all of your TV entities (Cable, PVR, Netflix etc.) into a single hub where you can search across all platforms for show etc. and use your gamepad as a universal remote for it all. Also combining a second feed of info into the tablet controller as you are watching stuff like Sports.

Anyway, I'm excited. More to follow.

Blue Meanies

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Looking forward to this!! All the best Nintendo IPs, finally in HD. :)

I have NSMBu, ZombieU and the Deluxe set (With Nintendo Land) being brought to me from America!! WOo HOo :p


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Ya. From all of the previews I'm confident that ZombiU will be good. Just hope it's not a short game as launch titles can suffer from that if a lot of time was spent on the engine, but this game has had a long dev period as it's been in the works for quite a while.


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Looks like the WiiU is suffering from the dreaded weak game launch. Seems to be a trend with game consoles today. Nintendo will just release Mario and people will eat it up like they usually do.

I will buy the WiiU once they release the next Metroid game.


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Early Impressions

Just some few first impressions:


- Had issues with getting my Wii U to recognize my router. Had to enter the IP,Gateway, DNS manually (along with some Mac Address fiddling). None of my friends had any issues (using the Auto-Detect in the Wii U).

- Big Day 1 firmware update (which is typical I think nowadays with new stuff). And since everyone was hitting the servers at once this took a while. I'm guessing it will be equally slow Christmas day


- Have played a bunch of NintendoLand with my kids. They love it. This is the "WiiSports" for the Wii U. A collection of mini-games showing off different controller/asymetric multi-play. Good fun, actually much deeper than Wii Sports with a lot of good mini-games that showcase different possible ways to play.

- Played some ZombiU. It's a fun game. Some of the criticism in the reviews out there is valid but I'm enjoying it so far. It's not an easy game and it's definitely proper "survival horror" whereas some people might be expecting more action based. The screen on the controller works really well with this game for the map, inventory management, scanning the environment etc. I'd rate it say a 7.5/10

- Haven't played Super Mario yet.

General obervations:

- Touchpad screen is awesome. Powering up the machine to fiddle around with setup, surfing, Miiverse (more on this in a second), without needing the TV is great. I was able to get through all of the setup stuff on Sunday on my own while the kids could keep watching TV or whatever. Further if I wanted to play games, watch Netflix, surf etc. I have something in my hands that doesn't need the TV.

- Miiverse. This is Nintendo's version of XBox Live or PSN. They're on to something here with how they've set it up. They've created separate communities around each game people are playing. So each game has what amounts to a message board. If you're in game, you can take a screen cap, jump to the board to post it, ask a question if you're stuck, or whatever, and return to playing the game. You can request friends from the community, or it will keep track of which people in the community you've played the game with etc. I could see future iterations of XBL or PSN taking a page from this approach.

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So my friend has secured me a Black Deluxe system (w/Nintendo Land), NSMBu and Scribblenauts. He will be hand delivering them to me on the other side of the world in a couple of weeks... can't wait!!!

Been reading about issues with the firmware update... a little worried. Don't need an expensive brick right now!


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I never had any issues once I was connected to the internet. Was just slow so I had to wait it out. Will probably be better now that less people are downloading it all at once.

the key thing is that the download, if it fails/crashes doesn't hurt anything. It just picks up where you left off if you reconnect. You just don't want to power down while it's in the middle of applying it after the download, but that goes pretty quickly.

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Awesome glad to hear that.

I am on the other side of the world and having to deal with a bricked wii u and nintendo america would be HORRIBLE. So I am glad it isn't as bad as the media is making it out to be.

Looking forward to NSMBu... supermario world is one of my most favorite games. All the reviews say it's a throwback to SMworld (SNES) and SM3 (NES). Can't wait!! The wife is super excited to play Scribblenauts.

Just so stressful dealing with Nintendo while living abroad. None of the Nintendo products here are offered in English. ONLY JAPANESE. I can buy a PS3 or XBOX and they're both in English and the games are English as well. ONLY nintendo is Japanese and region locked. Pitty... I am sure they'd make a ton more money having English available in this region. There are over 30,000 canadians living in the same city as me, that's a lot of lost revenue from a ton of English speakers who love nintendo but not enough to import there products here. If you're wondering why it's a problem... try playing Zelda in Japanese... yeah exactly :)

Their lose.

Will post fist impressions when I get it!!
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Looking forward to NSMBu... supermario world is one of my most favorite games. All the reviews say it's a throwback to SMworld (SNES) and SM3 (NES). Can't wait!!
I've gotten to play it a bit now. It really does that the SMW/SM3 vibe to it. Great fun to play so far. Love getting to play just on the controller too if someone else needs/wants the TV

The wife is super excited to play Scribblenauts.
Yes! I absolutely loved Scribblenauts on the DS. This will probably be a Christmas/Boxing day pickup for me :D

For a good chuckle, have a look at this link for some "Scribblenauts" inspired fan art. Pretty cool.

Simply The Best Scribblenauts Art We've Ever Seen. And Lots Of It.

Blue Meanies

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Awesome... CANNOT WAIT! Best Christmas gift ever!!

Looking forward to the future of the system as well... A new 3d Mario, New Zelda, Metroid, MarioKart, Pikmin, AHHHHHHH, it's going to be amazing.

And for everything else I still have my ps3.

2013 will be a great year of gaming!!

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Sooooo Awesome...

After getting everything set up, downloaded the first major update. Took just over an hour to download and install the update (it's BIG). I have read that this will be preinstalled at the factory, in new systems, in the near future. I was concerned it could possibly brick the system and let out sigh of relief when it rebooted fine.

I created a new mii and created my nintendo account for online gaming, chat, etc.
Will transfer all my old wii data this weekend, when I get a chance. Also updated the games I bought so they're ready to go when I play them for the first time.

The system itself is a nice, compact size and takes up very little space in my entertainment centre. First impression... companies should not use clear coat black plastic... finger print magnet!! A nice matte finish would have been much better for the system and the gamepad. I hope they update the OS in the future to load faster between menus, but it didn't feel as bad as some people online made it out to be. Also big up nintendo for actually INCLUDING an HDMI cable with their HD system.

So the gamepad... it's light weight but feels very durable, proven by the many drop tests found on youtube. the screen is bright and the touch feels very responsive. All of the functionality of the system working in tandem with the gamepad is amazing. It works very, very well. I 'm not sure why it took so long to get a game system like this. I hope this is a trend that continues with other companies as well. When I get a PS4 next year, or later... I can only hope the controller has a built in tablet (not a separate Vita system). It just works and makes sense. Not to mention if the wife wants to watch TV the controller becomes the screen and you continue playing, anywhere in your house!!

Will post some reviews of the launch games next week!!

So far I am loving it... It's the HD Nintendo console that I've been waiting for. It's not going to blow away the competition when they announce their new systems at e3 2013, but it does exactly what I want it too. It plays my favorite Nintendo IPs, in HD.



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First impression... companies should not use clear coat black plastic... finger print magnet!! A nice matte finish would have been much better for the system and the gamepad.
YES!!!!!! Couldn't agree more.

So the gamepad... it's light weight but feels very durable, proven by the many drop tests found on youtube.
Yes. My 3 year old has dropped it twice and it's held up. Although I'm being more careful with him holding the thing because I know one day my luck will run out.

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Okay so I have been playing "New Super Mario Brothers U" (NSMBu) for a while now.
I am about half way through... and I love it.

First things first... it is NOT a revolution in gaming at all.
It is simply a trip down memory lane and reminds me of all the great times I had while playing SuperMario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World.

The platforming and controls are perfect... just difficult enough to make you curse sometimes but also accessible for a younger audience as well. The extra lives are plentiful so you'll never feel like you're in a tough spot, even if it takes you 20 tries to get a hard to reach Star coin.

I really feel they could have done a lot more with the looks of the game. Its basically the wii version in HD which is not a bad thing but I feel they could have pushed it a bit more and made it look better like Trine 2 or Rayman, for instance. Some of the levels such as the fire levels and ghost houses have some great lighting effects and look great but it could've and should've looked even better.

The Miiverse is really cool and functions very well. Being able to instantly chat or leave messages for people who are playing is a great idea. So is being able to read what people think of the levels while you play them (people just as angry as you, lol). It adds an extra dimension to what would typically be a one person experience.

Overall I have been enjoying NSMBu and am well on my way to getting 100%.

After getting 100% I will turn my focus to ScribbleNauts and post a review of that as well just in time for Pikmin 3!


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I have ps3 160 gb.
I have Wd box.

So forget that kind of file saving. Do I need the 32gb? I got about a 100 dollars off at EB games and would like to pick this up for the wife.

Trying to decide if the extra 50 bucks should go towards the 32 or an extra control. I would assume she would want to download older games as well. but not many.

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I went for the deluxe for three reasons...

1 - Nintendo Land (Pack in game - $50+ dollar value)
2 - Charging cradle (20+ dollar value)
3 - Eshop Deluxe Digital promotion (10% cash/points back for each eshop purchase)

Okay and the fourth it's black and so is everything else in my entertainment centre ;)
I've tried it three times now, and I'm not really impressed. ZombieU was probably the best game of the bunch, and I like the idea of playing with multiple people, but it still feels "gimmicky", if that makes any sense. Call of Duty was kind of neat, but I prefer playing on a regular console and controller, so this felt like a step down.

I'd like to see what else that they have to offer as launch titles are usually pretty underwhelming, but I never really felt like the Wii U had much to offer. The Wii felt like a game changer when it first came out, but then the buzz wore off and the shovelware and party games killed a lot of the potential. This didn't even really give me that much of a buzz in the first place.

It could be that I'm just not the target market for this. *shrug*

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Well I bought a WiiU for one thing... Nintendo IPs.

I have been enjoying games since my dad brought a mattel intelevison home. I was hooked. Every since the NES, I have loved nintendo games!! Now their IP catalogue is HUGE! Mario, Zelda, StarFox, Pikmin, Metroid, MarioKart, etc. I am very, very excited to be able to finally play all of their original IPs in proper HD.

That being said I fully believe that this is THE system Nintendo should have released instead of the Wii. It would have went toe to toe with MS and Sony and would've seen all the same cross platform games for the past 5+ years. It wouldn't have made as much money as the wii (due to price, accessibility, etc) however even now the WiiU is seeing the 2nd best console launch (sales wise) in history, 2nd only to the Wii. So really who knows?

For all other games I have my Ps3... I have been playing and enjoying Assassins creed 3 and Black Ops 2 on my Ps3 at the same time loving NSMBu and ScribbleNaughts on the WiiU. In a few months I will be deep into The LAst of Us and also GTA5, both of which are not going to be on the WiiU.

I think the same thing that plagued the Wii will eventually plague the WiiU. Once the new power house systems release from MS and Sony, the WiiU will probably only get shovel ware and sub par ports. I will still be one of many who buy a shiny new PS4 to enjoy the ever growing list of sony exclusives. I am excited to see this years e3 and what both MS and Sony bring to the table. At the same time I will be buying and enjoying every original Nintendo IP they release, cause they're just that great.

Do I regret owning a Wiiu... not one bit. It has actually surprised me in many ways. Using the tablet to browse the net... playing full console games anywhere in my house while the wife watches her shows has been great. Miiverse which I didn't care about before, is AMAZING! The controller is great, responsive and genius.. is it the future of gaming? Who knows... but it definitely adds to the experience for me.

All in all, I think Nintendo is on to something and with a well timed price drop, combined with a HUGE original IP release when MS and Sony join the party. It could greatly increase their chances of coming out on top again this cycle. Only time will tell. But while we wait... I'll be enjoying games... Nintendo games, like only they can do!
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I was the biggest Nintendo nerd of all time, and the Wii killed it for me. I also can't stand the idea of playing another Mario game. This company has been around since I was a kid and they are still beating a dead horse with the Marion Franchise, and the funny part is people eat it up. They are pretty much playing the same story with a few twist. I haven't seen anything that would want me to buy the Wii... WHERE IS METROID!!!

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I was the biggest Nintendo nerd of all time, and the Wii killed it for me.
I call bullshit on this statement... If you were "the biggest Nintendo nerd of all time" as you put it. Then you would have surely enjoyed playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 1, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bross. Brawl, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid Other M, Mario Kart Wii, Super Paper Mario, Wario ware: Smooth Moves, Wario Land Shake it, Punch Out, Donkey Kong Country Returns… The list goes on and on.

Hell even half of that list warrants the purchase and enjoyment of owning a wii. Especially if you were the biggest Nintendo nerd of all time!! ;)

They are pretty much playing the same story with a few twist
Would this not be the EXACT same thing as every other game franchise that exists? One doesn't have to look farther than COD to see that its the same game with incremental improvements, similar story, repackaged again and again. What do you know... people eat it up! Same can be said for any game franchise. We keep playing the franchise because we like it... if the developer made massive changes the core audience that made the game popular in the first place would be lost.

We live in the day and age of multiple consoles. I accept the fact I'll probably need to own two consoles to enjoy and play all the games I love. If I need to buy a Nintendo system JUST to play their original games, I have no problem with that. It's the exact same way I feel about the Ps3.
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