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Ninjavideo alternative?


TRIBE Member
Well now that Ninjavideo is el gonzo, is there anything out there comparable to it for streaming shows?

I can't believe theres no more Ninja, I may have to get cable again:mad:


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After you have picked what you want to watch from the directory, it will list the streaming links under sources on the left side.

click a source then the icefilms graphic should load with an option to stream via a > button or it will say download below Play button if you want to DL the file.

Avoid that grey advertisement that looks like Play buttons/a remote. on the right hand side.


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Quicksilver Screens is pretty good... I've been using it for awhile and for the most part it's pretty stable... not as fast for new shows - takes about a day but the best thing is that it has a search function.

It also has a forum for hd content and new movies...


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Those are decent options, but the quality I found on Projectfreetv as often poor, or the screen ratios fucked up.

Icefilms has stuff hours after it's release, especially TV episodes and UFC/Strikeforce cards.