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Ninja Tune "Zentertainment" MARCH 20 KoolHaus


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ninja tune presents zentertainment
amon tobin, kid koala
with special guests bonobo, blockhead & diplo

doors: 8:00 pm show: 9:00 pm

time to revisit the days of great big banging ninja tune parties with all-star line-ups and fresh new faces. remember that time years ago when they rolled through with coldcut, dj food, and some new dude named kid koala that none of you had heard of? well now ninja tune returns with an all-star package featuring amon tobin, kid koala plus bonobo, blockhead and diplo as a part of the zentertainment tour.

cutting up source material into tiny bits, amon tobin has elevated the sampler from tool to instrument, creating worlds of sound from stacks of vinyl and a multitude of genres, from jazz to bollywood, from brazilian rhythms to hip hop. amon has toured extensively around the world to sell out crowds, hammering them in his uncompromising and truly original way. these will be amon tobin's only live dates for 2004, as he will be immersed in his recording studio for the rest of the year.

signed to ninja in 1996, eric san, aka kid koala has become one of our best-travelled and well-known performers. his ability to astound a crowd with his turntable talent, charm and humour has made him one of our most recognized artists.

bonobo makes ultra-musical, accessible, relaxed beatscapes, like lemon jelly, there's always a whole heap more going on than might immediately register. complexity made effortless is what he's about. the quirk that's so good it sounds natural.

hailing from new york city, blockhead has kept himself busy behind the board producing tracks on aesop rock's critically acclaimed albums float, labor days, bazooka tooth, and the daylight ep. blockhead has also been working with other indie giants such as slug of atmosphere, murs, mike ladd and sa smash.

you already know him because his hollertronix parties and mix cd have been larged up by the likes of xxl, the source, and fader and have led to the bizarre turn of events where diplo is now dj of choice for various a-list celebrities. diplo makes the kind of hard-edged, razor-drummed, krunked out southern bounce you've only dreamt of. but he ties this to a fantastic ear for a sample and a really musical way of making instrumental music.

this just in: I hate my life.


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I was looking at this today too. But its the night of my friends birthday and I've known her half my life. I couldn't really blow her off to go to a show.


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you're right. there's way too much to do this month. I'm not complaining, but it sucks because i certainly cannot afford all this fun!
i haven't seen kid koala in a while....i should go to this.