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NineInchNails @ JLC London


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fantastic lights...wicked sound.
the show seemed to get much louder as it went on.
for 2 solid hours...NO encore.
set list, not necessarily in this exact order...
mr self destruct
starfuckers inc
terrible lie
gave up
march of the pigs
the wretched
la mer
every day is exactly the same
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

Im sure im missing a couple.
pics to follow later tonight.


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Official Set List:

01. Pilgrimage Intro
02. Mr. Self Destruct
03. Sin
04. Terrible Lie
05. The Line Begins to Blur
06. March of the Pigs
07. The Frail/The Wretched
08. Closer
09. Burn
10. Gave Up
11. Eraser
12. Right Where it Belongs
13. Beside You in Time
14. Piggy
15. Wish
16. Only
17. Every Day is Exactly the same
18. Reptile
19. Suck
20. Hurt
21. The Hand That Feeds
22. Head Like a Hole
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the acc show was the best thing i've seen in years... and i saw a shit load of concerts last year...
the best part was the smashing of the instruments at the end of the show...