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nine inch nails news


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Originally posted by rejenerate
Unless you're talking about something else, the issue isn't with his record company (Interscope), it's with his ex-manager and account...he's suing them, claiming that they stole from him. The ex-manager launched a lawsuit first, claiming Reznor owes him money.
ahhh... like I said, I hadn't heard much, and it was all hearsay ;)
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I"m a huge broken fan as well ...

Good for my young angsty youth..

TDS is great too, for the more mature form of destructive activity


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Originally posted by lok
The fragile, both sides, is some of the most finely arranged and richly textured music i have ever heard. It may not have the rawness it TDS and PHM which NIN was claimed to, but it is just a wonder to listen to..
couldn't have said it better myself
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Originally posted by zee
dave grohl as the drummer?
could be interesting
OK - from what I can surmise in my research, he laid down the drums on ONE track only.

So he is not the drummer for the new NIN album, and won't tour with them. FF are putting together a new album relatively soon as well.


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First response from Reznor in the link I posted said that Grohl played on 15 of the tracks on the new album.
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NINE INCH NAILS frontman Trent Reznor has answered some questions from fans on the band's official site, Nin.com. Among them, he said, "[The album title] 'Bleedingthrough' is no more. As the songs and concepts matured, the focus and theme of the album shifted somewhat - leaving me feeling that title was inappropriate. Or you could just say I changed my mine.
To be more clear: there IS a new NIN record, it WILL be done - as in finished and mixed - before the end of this year, 2004. It will then tentatively be released 3/05 and extensive touring will take place beginning around that time. It will not be titled "Bleedingthrough." Yes, the new album has a title and track list, and I'm not telling you what it is yet.
There are a lot more songs finished that won't be on this record, so who knows where they might end up."

Boss Hog

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Originally posted by phunkymunky
mmm i cant' wait for this. they are one of the last good bands left that still makes music. i hope they never stop.

It's not really a band.
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The mixing of the new record has begun with Alan Moulder.
The final track listing is being discussed and determined.
The live band is becoming real. Things are in forward motion.
There is no turning or looking back.
Fuck the cluster of the past and everyone in it.
Click on erase. Click OK. Goodbye.

Halo 19
Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth


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Originally posted by seeker
from what I heard (very little, and all hearsay), his nothing deal fucked him nearly as bad as his TVT/WaxTrax! deal. He's gotta be real impressed with the music 'industry' right now. You'd think the guy would learn a thing or two about contracts...

So, I'm curious to know what people's thoughts are on 'The Best NIN album'. Which one? I know a lot of people are really into 'The Fragile', although I never listened to it enough to care. 'The Downward Spiral' and its numerous singles/remixes certainly brought NIN to the mainstream -- which is odd, since nearly every review of the album at the time it was released was negative, and critics bashed it for how strange and unlistenable it was. Then there's 'Pretty Hate Machine' with its catchy synth-pop stylings.

PHM is the only one I really bother to listen to anymore, although I haven't had a decent copy of 'The Downward Spiral' to listen to in years.
I have gone through about 5 stages of style over the last 6 years, and I have never been disappointed with Reznor. To this day, I have not been able to find a better album than Pretty Hate Machine. This music represents all that is real in life (I know that sounded flaky, but that’s how it is to me) and to be blatantly honest, I couldn’t imagine going without that album, I almost want to burn a spare copy and put it in the safe just thinking about it
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