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Nikon D200, BRAND NEW with 18-200mm lens, memory card


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Like i said BRAND NEW (no shutter releases). The package includes Nikon D200 body + 18-200mm lens and memory card.

REASON : im a canon guy and i got this camera as a gift over the holidays. plus i think its kinda rude of me to ask for a receipt from my mother in-law and tell her she bought the the wrong camera. i'm definately going to pick up the canon 40d with the money i get from this camera.

PICK-UP or DROP-OFF : i will be in town on wednesday, january 9. so for the people who are interested this is the only date im in town this week. or next week jan.14-16 or anytime after jan.21


Stop Bill C-10


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i know i should be appreciative but im just not a nikon guy... i'll appreciate it more when i get my 40d, its cheaper then the nikon d200, but i'll be more happy with a 40d. i already have a rebel xti that will probably be on sale after i get my 40d, i have a bunch of canon gear and accersories so i dont want to do the nikon conversion.
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Any chance of you responding? I haven't seen any update posts, nor have you replied to my e-mail. Please get back to me.
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