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Nights in TO?

Ditto Much

TRIBE Member
Okay I've had a jones for far to long. I''m a fan of psy and goa. But in all honesty I haven't gone to a night since area 51 did its horrible transformation. Who are the Toronto DJ's to see right now. Where are the places to go and what do you love what do you suggest.


Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
The back room at Fun Haus (formerly Zen Lounge) hosts an awesome psy-trance night every Thursday. No cover, cheap drinks, and sweet tunes.

Only thing is that the back room is a little hidden. I've talked to more than a few people at Fun Haus who didn't even know there was a back room!

The message board at ektoplazm.com has probably the most complete psy-trance event listing for the Toronto area and is worth checking out.

Also... BLA guys are throwing a party next Saturday (Feb 14th) bringing in Droidlock. It should be an awesome jam (it was last time he was in town anyway!) and I'm kicking myself for not being able to make it.

March 13th Eloko is throwing a party at Fun Haus bringing in Stellanutella from Holland and I'll be throwing down a birthday set there as well.


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As Subsonic Chronic mentioned, eloko are bringing Dj Stella Nutella next Saturday (March13th). She's perhaps the top female dj in the international scene, full of energy and smiles. The local line up is also pretty stellar, with Subsonic Chronic (celebrating his bday), Sketi (great dj originally from South Africa) and Phink (he needs no introduction).

You can check www.eloko.com for flyer and details.

See you there!