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Nightmares on Wax


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I have 'Smokers Delight', 'Carboot Soul' and the one on k7. This guy is the man. Anybody know of any newer stuff??


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I was listening to "Late Night Tales". It wasn't that great, only a couple good tracks....there's a few live sets floating around that are really good. I love Smokers Delight.


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I reccomend. Some people gave it bad reviews, but with tracks like70's-80's , Know my name &Date with destiny ETC..... can't go wrong. (Only Windows media Files by the way)

Hey does anyone know how to tell if I got the limited edition LP.
Mine is a double 180Gram pressing with supercool record sleeve's


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if you're a fan you must have the dj kicks cd, i guess that's the ik7 one you were talking about josh



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THANK YOU ^^^^^. I totally forgot about that cd. I'm going to go put it on right now. The kenny dope tracks on this mix are sick.