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Nightmare Reviews


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I'll make this short kinda

I got in about 11:30ish, checked the coats and headed for the main room.
Not really sure what DJ was playing at the moment, but I think Pauze was on afterwards. It was your typical trancey style, which i don't love, but I didn't mind this for a bit.

I dodged between rooms over the next few hours, checking out the trance, checking out the hardcore...

About 2ish I stuck in the smaller bowling alley room. Some of the hardcore was just too hardcore for myself. But the people seemed to groove, so it's all good.

Then on came Kristian the main reason I came to this party, I'm a hardhouse bedroom DJ and had to check him out
His track selection was good, and he played a lot of tracks I like, but overall I thought his mixing was very quick fader cuts and a few sloppy mixes, but the normal ear was probably pleased.

Next was the infamous Kamikaze aka Sweet Meat for the evening. I gotta give this man props for his costume... it was so pimp!
Finally he spun a Booty House Set, which so many people seem to think he spins all the time, for all you think he does, he doesn't he spins hard house and face-down ass-up is not booty!

His set was tight, nice mixing all the way through, suprised he didn't have any electrical problems with the pipes above sweating and drippin on the mixer and vinyl.

Next up was my main competition when I come outta my bedroom one day and DJ. DJ Navigator, last time I saw this boy was at an Uncut thursday, and he was doing and ok job, but I wasted too impressed. But tonight, he was rocking the house, all his mixes were nice and well blended, road them out, no quick fader cuts. And his track selection was pretty nice too. He's doing a good job, and I see he's been practicing... good for him, he's sounding nice.

After this was the junglist time, with Dripp, I was about ready to go home at this time, but I checked it out for a bit, nice old skool tracks played and I was diggin' it. But didn't check enough out to totally judge his set.

I left pretty much after that... I was upset that Lori The HiFi Princess was on about the same time as Kamikaze... I would of liked to catch a bit of her.

All in all this was a pretty nice party, line-up wasn't that bad, only thing that sucked was the coat check was in the middle of the two rooms which the pathway was in the front at the entrance, so it was quite packed at moments.

I give this party an A.O.K. ...

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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The Wheel of Bowling Alleys:
"...time passes and bowlers come and go, but the alley lives on...!"

ok nightmare was, in the end, nothing short of epic... i went very spur-of-the-moment, with mild expectations of fun hanging out with many fine friends, but i was totally surprised and impressed by both the quality of the venue and especially the quality of the music! two hours of sick jungle?? exceptional! Jason Marshall... old skool trance could be making a comeback... anyway, i'll need some more time to collect my thoughts, so off i go!

see you in the gutter...

Par- T

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Here I am the day after the night before: feeling kind of out-of-it but with the tunes still stirring it up between my ears and a smile on my face.

It wasn't a promising start though, venue in the middle of the 'burbs- took streetcar to Lakeshore and Islington only to miss the bus by 30 seconds and being forced to either wait 1/2 hr or walk. 20min. of windchilled walking later, this icecube finds a f--king mega line from hell. Thank you Dave (Malglo) for spotting me and saving me from that nightmare.

Inside at 1:30, coat-check is full (piss me off) but I promtly run into Laura, Kife then Shannon and Jane - things start looking up. The venue: Skylounge, not bad but way too many levels, up and down all over the place. Sunken dancefloor - visons of X-it, up to this level, down to that- too many prime dance spots fucked up. Multi levels can be cool but this was too much. The bowling alley side room- not very appealing spent no more than 5min. in there through the night.

Spent 1st couple of hours socializing and not dancing (very unusual for me- ask anyone), so I don't really know who was spinning until later on when I was getting into it with Lori T.H.F.P. - sweet kicking techno to rock the soul. She started out ok but by the middle of her set she was slamming one hard tech track after another. Followed by Unabomber who kept the beats going.
Then came Jason Marshall and OS/2 to cap off a great evening with some banging then uplifting trance. Totally sweet right to the 9:00am (8:00 est) finish - remaining crowds begging for 1 more. These two never seem to disapoint wherever they play.

Cool to hang out with some excellent party people: always a pleasure Patrick, you got to come out more. Laura, Dave and Jay (good to meet you) you guys are great to party with right to the end. Nice to meet 2 more TBK - Basic and Spin Sugar. Sort of missed the birthday posse, didn't party enough with Aphro, didn't see Green Souljah, oh well 2 out of 3 - I had a great time though.

You Freakin people lost out.


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party was good, but the fact that it seemed to be a little overpacked, kind of made this more of a social thing for me anyhow, rather than a dancing thing. i met a lot of people, the chill out tent was way too cold and would ahve been perfect fi there was one heater in there. all in all a really good party with a good group of people, however everyone i met was on E...and there were way too many guys just way too whacked...like the guy with out a shirt on giving "light" shows with his t-shirt...


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It was pretty packed in there... Like if ya had to walk anywhere it wasn't fun. But u could find space when u needed it. I had alil trouble telling who was spinning becasue of the daylight savings bullshit so I assume that whoever played through midnight got an extra hour in their set. Drag'n'fly I think? I spent the night in the main room; the music was tight, the sound was pretty good. Unfortunetly my friend fell asleep and we had to check out around 4am. I did however get to watch Lori spin for a bit and this is what I have to say: Sharp, Smooth mixing with sampled cutts for flavour. Visuals a bonus.

Peace & love. D
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When I bought my ticket- I dropped it and some guy picked it up and wouldnt give it back! The bastard elbowed me in the eye and I grabbed my ticket and ran, knowing that if I didnt do anything- the bad Karma would come back on him.
I came straight from my truck unloading job- so I was dirty and sweaty and didnt get through the doors intil 2AM or so.
The DJ who was on when I came in the main room was okay. I dont dig trance really- so Im not going to comment. Im not sure when exactly Lori came on- but I didnt notice the trance change to techno at all. What I heard wasnt techno. Sounded more like minimal goa to me. So I was pretty disapointed - but that didnt stop me from dancing away.
I walked around a bit and chilled and saw a boucner who looked exactly like Silvestor Stalone. Everyone I met asked me if I was on anything. Which I found odd because I havent been asked that question in ages. The rest of the DJs that night wernt too bad. Unabomber I found pretty entertaining.
The thing I found that was really funny was that everyone was facing the wrong way. The DJ booth was over to the right- so that who ever stood on the platform - looked like they were the DJ. I noticed someone pretending to be fiddling with the pitch and EQ knobs.
And everywhare I went I would usually catch a wif of that dippity doo hair gel. Damn spiky haired ravers!
So in conclusion: the party was okay. The music was okay. And it was over packed and I couldnt dance except for on the spot. Its a good thing my friend is good at pushing people away - and he did a good job making a circle for us all night long.
6.5/10 (thats a true blue techno boys look on things)



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hmmm where to begin...

I really enjoyed this party.. sure it was crowded for a bit but i've been in more crowded parties than that. If u needed space u could find it, you just had to want it enough to look for it.

Saw a lot of my friends which was great... had some things happen that were especially great... partied like i didn't care what the people i did & didn't know would think of me......

I really like that venue - sky lounge - its my third time there and I look forward to the next party there.

Gotta like the drunken venue owner serving alcohol still at 5am

Sets of the night for me... I believe were Jason Marshall and Unabomber.. i never saw a timeslot list so i was working off of who i THOUGHT was up there. OS/2's set was also pretty good but I thought his mixing was a bit off ... as well he continually did safety mixes (end of the track).. Ces la vie.. it was 7 in the mornin what do you expect.....

Thanks to everyone who came out and partied hard.


memorable quote for the night/following day "I knew we were safe there, amidst all the crackiness"


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What an interesting birthday party.

I didn't end up getting tickets so when I arrived I was thrilled to see 10 people in the cash line. That's what you people get for thinking ahead and being prepared!

Got inside and walked around getting familiar with the inconvenience of the venue. I liked the sunken dancefloor.. But the layout made it a serious bitch to go pee. The party was overpacked, but I think the layout just made it more difficult for people to circulate the building. So that really fuckin annoyed me.. but whatever.. I'm used to fighting crowds.

The music, I was feeling it from 12 to 2, but after that it just got really dark and scary (I know I know, it's a Nightmare party..) But I always fail to remember how retarded I get when I smoke weed, so for the next 3 hours I was in a very bad mood. (That trance scares me) nor could I concentrate enough to have a good conversation (as Basic and 3Dme discovered! sorry guys!) FUCK! Oh well, you're all not interested in my drug use of the evening.. So I'll move on.

Green "E"s suck. Hahahah!!!

Um, ya, trance just isn't for me, but everyone seemed to be having a wicked time, especially on the dance floor. so I guess the DJ's were doin something right!!

Had fun when the jungle finally came on
Dripp's not that bad.. left after that, mmm......that bed was really comfy

This was a bad party for me. But you have to pick parties that suit you, and this one did not suit me for shit. oh well, shoulda woulda coulda.. it was an experience!

It was really nice to meet Basic - you seem very cool.. let's chill out sometime, 3DementianalME... and it was cool to see you again Madnezz.. and Par-T - I love your energy!! I'll be spending the rest of my life devoted to proving to you guys I'm not a crackhead. It was just one night!! HAHHAHAH!! KiFe just dissapeared, never to be seen again!
Thanx for the support through that hard time Janie.. Remember that buildup???? HAHAHAH!!

So ya.. Nightmare was a nightmare.. But it didn't have a lot to do with Nightmare.. know what I mean?


Shannon <------- not a scary trance head!


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OooOOOooOOooh... we planned ahead and got FUCKED for it.

Attention Nightmare... i trust you all to be decent people because i've been to your parties b4 but for fucks sakes.. if people already PAID for their tix then rightfully they should be allowed in FIRST! A little more common decency would have been great guys. Oh yeah and having two searchers was not a smart idea for a crowd that big! >smacks upside the head<

Now Unfortunately i missed the rotterdam (the MAIN reason i go to nightmare parties) i was toobuisy FREEZING MY ASS OFF IN LINE! but i could hear it comming thru the wall... and that really brought a tear to my eye. (More rotterdam next time guys.... i mean you ARE nightmare are you not?!)
>smacks upside the head<

Now as for the venue.. i was not impressed... This venue is not well planned.... the catwalks around the dancefloor totally limit the amout of dance space that venue could offer... as other's said.. getting to the main bathroom was a bitch... and unless you were ON the dancefloor the sound was shit.
>smacks upside the head<

What saved you guys was the TUNES! The beats were awsome! Amazingly i enjoyed LoRi's set the most.. above all else (even the trance). Not to say the trance wasnt good.. Unibomber really blew shit up with a couple of tracks that i have at home, that i love. But man... Eminem over a trance track... and a GOOD trance track to boot? what were you thinking man? (It's been awhile since i've heard a good track get ruined this well) >Smacks upside the head to unibomber for that, but ONLY for that< The rest of your set was very memorable to say the least!

Vibe was good.. not the best but good.
ooh ooh.. and my friend put it best.. memorable quote of the evening:
after going into the jungleroom for a bit... we came out of there and he said "Man the vibe in there was sooooooooo mean and thugly... what are they all so grim about?"
LOL!!! props to brian for hitting the nail right on the head with this one.
>Smacks upside the head to all the thuglyJunglists out there<

TBK turn out was great!
Aphro... happy birfday... sorry you didnt have a good time.
Jane.... Sexxy as always... and that smile on your face... does it ever come off?

Tom..... ALWAYS great partying with you man... we can really shake a leg can't we?
That VIP location was just the shit.
Basic... Nice to meet you... props on reprezentin the Serenity crew alike.. authorize me on icq already!

If i missed anyone, >smacks upside the head<

overall.. GREAT PARTY!
8.5/10 Glowsticks.



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Originally posted by Aphrodite:
Remember that buildup???? HAHAHAH!!

yes. i'm now traumatized for life.

Originally posted by KiFe:
Jane.... Sexxy as always... and that smile on your face... does it ever come off?

not when you say sweet-ass shit like that to me.

despite being a junglist trapped at a trance/hardcore/whatever the fuck it was party, i managed to have fun anyways. madnezz, basic, 3dme, roo, kife, par-t & aphro & whoever i forgot... y'all are a big fat ball of fun.
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Its weird to hear all the mixed reviews, because it seemed like everyone I talked to who was @ the party had a wicked time...or maybe it was just because I was on E

This was my first party since mid summer, and I was as anxious as a little gurl beforehand...I got to the venue around 12 and got in about 5 minutes later, which was a definite bonus since it was so freezing outside...
I got inside, and decided to wait in line for coatcheck...or so it seemed...all of a sudden the line dissolves and Im left standing there wonderign what just happened....asking around, I found out that coat check was full...which was no good sonce I had a heavily packed backpack along w/ a jacket that I didnt want to carr yaround (and unfortunately due to past experiences, theres no way Im just stashing my bag somewhere)...so I ended up wandering around for the next hour with my huge backpack on (sorry to anyone I hit with it while dancing)...finally @ around 1:30 i went search out some lockers I was told about (which turned out toeb a bust)...walking in between the rooms I surprisingly see that coat check has reopened...getting back in line, I get to the very very front of the line, where the person i fron tof me is arguing w/ the guy inside..all of a sudden the coat check window closes and im left at the very front, with no explanation as to what was going on...after waiting in line for another 30 minutes with promises from security that theyd figure out what was going on, they finally come back to announce that coat checkis fuly closed for the evening...so a big boo-urns to whoever was i charge to coat check...a big cheers goes out to my friend luticia and her friend steve, for letting me put my stuff in their car @ like 2am...as far as the music goes, I really didnt pay too much attention to it until the jungle came on...I pretty much stayed in the main room the whole night, although none of the sets really stood out..they were a nice background to some fun adventures and good conversations though
As for the jungle, it thought it was well worth the wait...Id never heard bassryde and dripp, and although I heard a few tracks repeat (which is a bit annoying when theres only 2 sets of jungle), they thouroughly impressed me...luckily I had a 30min on-30min off flyering deal going, plus you could only hear the jungle room from where i was flyering, so I didnt miss abit of the action, although I spent my jungle room time sitting down on the comfy leather couches
overall I had a wicked night, but it was one of those nights made bearable, and in the end amazing, by the people I hung out w/...And for once i actually have some shoutouts
maddnezz (finaly ran into you but well worth the wait, u know the rest), janie (oi my irish sister!), aphro (dont worry i dont think u r evil) kife (i apologize for the shady roll
)3dme (its all about the matematics!) par-t and malglo (thanks for the ride guys!)...


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Well, I'll make this quick as I'm not convinced anybody will read my review.

It was cold. The lineup was long, but not the longest I've ever been in. The venue was crowded, but not the most crowded I have ever been in. The partiers appeared very sketchy, but certainly not the sketchiest people I have ever seen.

I saw:
-young people
-old people
-strange people
-funny people
-costumed people
-dead people (not)
-drunk people
-stoned people
-sketchy people

The second room did not excite me. The main room did excite me.

The music was:
The sound system:

The night could have been better if:
-I was drunk
-I was stoned
-I remembered the name of the girl dressed as Dorothy (the "wizard of oz" Dorothy)


I congratulate (I never give "props" to people as I'm not really sure what it mean's...anything to do with propellers?) NIGHTMARE for putting together another enjoyable event. I think the big promoters got a lot to learn from the little guy's.

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