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Nightmare-Heaven and Hell


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...arrived at 11:10 p.m the line was fairly long and moving pretty slow....however as it got closer to midnight they security stepped it up and started moving people in a bit quicker...a bit weird for me coming to the basement of Turbo and seeing it filled with traditional ravers and other assorted sketchy characters after having been there for so many jungle events in the past...of course the lack of attitude and fistfights was a nice change...stunned to see a 19 plus area, however after a rather painful night at Sneaky Dee's the Saturday previous I did not enjoy any cool beverages....a decent sized crowd for the sort of weird countdown....it's hard to explain...you had to be there...anyway we went back into the 19 plus area for quite awhile and when my friend and I went back to the main room at about two there was a quite a change...I suppose many people wanted to ring in the new year at home because all of a sudden the place had at least one hundred and fifty more people and it was GOING OFF....like just stupid going off...like the Bacardi commercial but with candy ravers...


I'm not sure who was spinning but it was very hard and nasty and he was freaking out behind the decks...like that puppet from that video from a couple years back....this level of madness only lasted about half and hour but it certainly was something to see...after that it mellowed out a tad as people made there way to various spaces on the floor to do whatever...it was new years so people were going for it pretty hard but I saw not too many real head cases...except for those two girls..the ones in the skirts but I would chalk up their behavior to a few too many pops....kudos to Nightmare for a excellent night...


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jungleboy:
[BI saw not too many real head cases...except for those two girls..the ones in the skirts[/B]</font>
Elaborate please?


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The line was ridiculous. Before I went I was a bit concerned that I was too old and jaded to enjoy partying. Now I am aware that I am merely too old and jaded to put up with the bullshit that precedes partying. We waited in the freezing cold in a line that was more of an amorphous mass of shivering humanity than a line for more two and a half hours. It's a good thing that by the time we hit the bottleneck I was in a state of complacent absurdity and could relax into the en masse swaying and counting-down to New Years. Then I got inside--shortly after midnight--and the coat check was closed. They said it was full--apparently somebody isn't counting on everyone wearing coats--in the middle of fucking winter!

Other than these two organizational disasters, though, I thought it was a great party. The music was hard and relentless, just the way I like it. The vibe was great too--I made a lot of new friends, and I even remember some of their names!



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....hmmm....I assumed everyone got in shortly after my friend and I did and/or waited till after 12 to come to the party....I guess that line did not move so quick.....ummmmm....I have a confession....we butted......ummmmm....that's how I got in......ummmmm...I don't normally condone or partake in such activites......am I bad?


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..the girls in skirts were just two ladies enjoying their night like everyone else...well...mayhaps slightly more than everyone else....i'm sure everyone there saw them at one point....
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well......we left my house at 9pm thinking we'd get there early so we could be inside for the countdown. wrong! we got in line at 10pm, right as the herd was running to the other side of turbo after lining up on the wrong side for a while......as i glanced at the line in front and behind me i thought theres no way they can fit this many people in the basement of turbo! oh well.....as i got closer to the front of the line it felt more and more like a mosh pit. why do people think that by pushing and moving up ONE STEP that you'll get in any faster?? so we entertained ourselves by playing that celebrity letter game.....bruce springstein.....um.....neve campbell.....uh....lisa loeb. thats really what i wanted to be doing at midnight!
we got in shortly after 12:00.

i was surprised that everyone fit in the club. no coat check....thank god for warm hoodies and backpacks. the water lady was nice and gave me a free one cuz she liked my hat. that made me happy.
SOS was ending up his set, which sounded good, but i only heard a little bit of it. the rest of the night the music was ok....nothing spectacular, but good. i was dancing most of the night.

i think one word best describes the night: sKEtcHy!! everyone was so fucked and i usually don't care, but it was actually insane. the floor dwellers started off in the corners and throughout the night spread into the dance floor. everywhere i looked bad lightshows were being given, books were rampant, as were sweaty people who couldn't speak because they were too high grabbing me and desperately hugging me. it was actually kind of amusing. i understand....it was new years.....people want to be more fucked than usual.

and i saw the best girl there. she is my new rave hero. big blonde dreads, puffy crinoline angel wings.....she totally was busting a move, not caring who she bumped into. no one even cared because she was so cool. they would just step back and let here dance. at one point her cardigan started to come off, so she just let it fall off her body and kicked it out of the way and kept dancing. too funny!
other than her, we met some really cool people and had a pretty good time, considering the fact that i was cursing purple heaven and nightmare in line.

but seriously- i know it was new years, but they oversold the event. i believe the flyer said "intimate"- 300 less people would have been intimate.....that party was not. bad planning guys! it was new years and people wanted to be inside for that- you should have planned for it!
(and security were total assholes. so, in conclusion i had a good time, but not because the party was good.



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Exactly! Badly organized, yet still somehow fun. While I was outside I thought I would never be able to relax and have fun after the being-squashed-in-the-middle-of-tall-boys-in-the-freezing-cold thing, but once inside it all worked out--but I was with good friends and took good drugs, and really, those are the circumstances that make a good tiome no matter how badly organized the party.

As for you, jungleboy, are you one of those people who snuck in the opening at that corner in the line? I saw people doing that... when I could see between all the tall boys around me, that is... I saw people doing that and hated them. Grrr.

Then again, if I had been able to move, and didn't fear the wrath of the crowd, I might have tried something like that myself... Just cause I'm a pussy in the cold.



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...well....in defense, when I hear go to the side enterance of Turbo I automatically go to that side...so when we got there...you are sort of like..well...squeeze in or go all the way around to the left hand alley...which is a bit of a walk...even still..I was going to go back...but my friend was like "whatever"....plus when it comes down to being inside for the countdown I admit I do get a bit.....sneaky....


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I must say that this was one of the most interesting sets I've spun in a while (myself and three other hard techno DJ's at the same time). I loved going nuts to the music, as I'm sure most everyone else did too, why else would you go to an event like this? Happy Two Thousand and Two.

Patrick DSP


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jungleboy:
...well....in defense, when I hear go to the side enterance of Turbo I automatically go to that side...so when we got there...you are sort of like..well...squeeze in or go all the way around to the left hand alley...which is a bit of a walk...even still..I was going to go back...but my friend was like "whatever"....plus when it comes down to being inside for the countdown I admit I do get a bit.....sneaky....</font>
I'll forgive you this time...

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Let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEARS to all the HAPPY people that showed up and braved the line-up. That was truly a VERY GOOD Party !!!

First I'll give you the Negative ::


- The line-up : Well, although we told the owner of the venue that this would be capacity event he decided it was suitable to only have 5 security guards for 800 people. And even though we urged them all night to hurry up the line they completely ignored us...as they did all night.

- Camera's : Once again TURBO are big fat LIARS !!! I actually got kicked out of MY OWN party for this issue so I don't want to hear any of you hose heads gripe about your camera's. Not to mention I was assaulted by one of the security for tis issue. TURBO ARE LIARS !!!

- Heat : If you know a venue is going to be packed you DON'T crank the heat up. I actually burned myself on a heating pipe...Man was it cranked.


The night actually was really good aside from the slow moving understaffed line and the ridiculous staff at Turbo.

FRISKY & VIPER : Some good hard trance and happy hardcore to get the night movin'.
DEACON & TEKKEN : Definately hardcore set of the year !! Phenominal job done by both and man was it bangin'.
SOS : Everyone knows he is famous for his perfect countdown moments and this was no exception. I want to thank Len for spending his New years with us cause it totally made my night... The Lazer clock counting down was cool too.
IMPACT : Man this guy sure tore @#%$ up....Fast hard house and trance to get everyone dancin'. The party was at full tilt by this point and it was getting hotter !!!
TECHNO MAFIA : While from where I was standing this was probably the MOST techno records played in a set. Patrick, Matt, Frank....Thanks guys for making that an unforgettable set.....Sooooo Much Fun !!
J MARSHALL & CHICLET : I tink this was definately the BEST trance set I heard all year. Not a single track or mix was a let down and the crowd was eating it up. VERY GOOD !!
KAMIKAZE & NAVIGATOR : Wow, Booty, bangers, and bitches.. This was definately one of my personal favorite sets. I don't remember much of it though because it was around this time that I was assaulted by security and thrown out of the venue. All for you guys' camera's !!

Anyways, I'm sorry that I missed PROPHECY and ST PETE.
I'm sure it was a killer set.
Special thanks to all the people who helped out. I think we actually opened on time for once thanks to you guys.
TOYS : Hope your feeling better soon, Happy New Year, now I know why you said you think TURBO sucks !! I agree 100%

So to make a long story short...I HAD A BLAST !!!. I saw ALOT of faces and drank with many a good friend so all in all I think it was a successful party.
One thing I have to say is that was definately one of the best VIBES I have seen in a while,....Toronto has been lacking some vibe lately but last night made up for it.