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Nightmare & Email at Palais Royale

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Moez, May 20, 2001.

  1. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    holy hell, what a night. Energy poured out of the venue as you approached the doors of Palais Royale, and a line-up of people anticipating a wikkid night stood outside....

    the music was fucking wikkid. Beaker provided me with what was easily the best set I have heard from a local DJ in months. He was dropping track after track so wikkidly matched, and he was bobbing around behind the decks loving every minute of it. sooo good!!!!

    And I love that the promotors are virtually there to greet you at the door, eager to answer questions, and deal with issues as they arose... it was so wikkid to see. and they did this all without a huff or fit of frustration.

    the patio was beautiful, it's just a shame they couldn't play music later out there because all of a sudden it just became void of good hard beats.

    I was even dancing to JUNGLE!!!! wtf??? hehe...

    so wikkid you guys.
    thanks again.

    'til next time [​IMG]

    ~ Johane


    Holy shit what a wikkid wikkid party.
    the place looked awesome, decorations were beyond amazing-and the balloons were a very nice touch, it really looked great.

    Beaker only spun THE most amazing set in the history of amazing sets. Alright "Observing the Earth" and "Begonia"? HELLO!!! how could you not be busting a move to this set. a job VERY well done Matt!!!

    I am hereby declaring every party from here on in must have a patio. this was so nice to just go out and chill-get some air..but next time i propose that there is hhc playing longer, and the bar gets moved to outside. [​IMG]

    Unabomber kicked my ass. Amazing set...couldnt stop dancing...theres really not much else to it!!! [​IMG]

    Awesome Awesome party guys...i havent had this much fun in a while.
  3. IvanGogh

    IvanGogh TRIBE Member

    what can i say? a wikkid party!!!
    haven't had so much fun in a long time... hard muzak... hmmmmmm good hard stuff.

    one question: i think it was DJ Android that spun this track, and i'm trying to identify it somehow. it goes something like: sumethin, sumethin, "what the fuck?" <- you all know which one i'm talking about! you just couldn't miss hearing it if u were in the main room when android played. [​IMG]

    a kickass party. There was everything u were looking for, trance, hard house, techno, hardcore, speedcore, happy hardcore, and breaks and so on... what more can u ask for? [​IMG]

  4. Jason Marshall

    Jason Marshall TRIBE Member

    Android's track is belive it or not:

    Fatboy Slim

    "What is what?" (..what the fuck.)

    I'm not sure if that is the title of it but it's by the Slim Fat one. [​IMG]

    Peace, Jason.
  5. IvanGogh

    IvanGogh TRIBE Member

    thanx man!

    does anyone know where to find an mp3 with that? or if it is by fatboy slim at all? [​IMG]

    i looked on Napster and KaZaA and nothing....

  6. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    yes, it's fatboy. and you should be able to find it anywhere - pretty big tune, uk and everything.
  7. IvanGogh

    IvanGogh TRIBE Member

    aight i got it!!

    thx fiesty boy and Jason Marshall [​IMG]

    and the track i downloaded from kazaa is
    Fatboy Slim - Star 69 - What the Fuck


  8. Jason Marshall

    Jason Marshall TRIBE Member

    Ivan [​IMG]

    Cool..now I know the track title!

    thx, Jason.
  9. twitch

    twitch TRIBE Member

    ^^ Yeah I just picked up the Timo Maas Mix

    Wicked party...
    I loved the diverse music throughout the night. Nice lighting, I like the club.

    2 Thumbs up [​IMG]
  10. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    anyone catch derek/alchemy's set??

  11. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    don't worry dave.. I happened to catch my set.. [​IMG]

    Apart from being disorganized the party was pretty good. I loved the setup in the main room, the video screens framed the stage perfectly and sound was decent. Some of the Dj's seemed to have trouble keeping the volume at a consistant level, some tracks were mixed in waaaay louder then the previous. This could have been a problem with one of the channels on the mixer, or maybe they just needed to boost the gain a lil bit. I just thought it was kina funny when a track would mix in that wasn't loud enough to affect the motion sensors on the intelligent lighting, hence rendering them useless.

    I'm sorry to everyone who waslked into the second room at 4am expecting to hear trance and found hardcore instead. Apparently my set was bumped back an hour (to 5am) and I wasn't informed till an hour before my show time. I suppose that after 6 hours or so of non-stop, in your face, pounding music that trance was a nice change. Glad you guys enjoyed my set as much as I did. [​IMG]

    till next time...

    Peace & love. D
  12. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    I found Nightmare to be pretty good party. Palais Royale is a decent venue. The Second room was an odd shape and the moniters were a bit off- but that didnt give me to much trouble spinnin' my set. I wanna thank everyone who came up and gave me props after me tribal techno beat down [​IMG] and Joey- the only TBK I met that night.
    The party set up was good. The Patio is what saves that venue- very nice spot to chill out at and talk. The venue its self up stairs is too open- it needs something to reinvent that space. The giant TV screens were pretty cool, because I love to be a train spotter and watch the DJ work. The best part of the night was running into some people from Grade school and going to there house in the morning for some weed butter...

  13. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    i caught your set alchemy. at least the beginning - love to see you smiling behind the decks.
    as for the main room sound problems - i hear there were some "minor" technical difficulties involving monitors and stuff, so it's excusable.
  14. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member

    That Fatboy Slim track u kidz are all talkin about is called "Star 69"


    they just strut....
  15. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    so here it is...

    (note i havent slept yet)

    an amazing time in general...

    the main stage setup was wicked sooo cool
    dual visual screens.. sweet

    as it has been said beaker dropped an amzing set, easily the best ive ever heard hin play and trust ive heard hin spin a lot..

    a couple com[plints:

    First when you are updating your voicemail get someone who doesnt mumble to do the updates
    i called and called and called again and everytime i made out 61 lakeshore blvcd

    but no palis royale is at 1601 lakeshore west
    im in the good mind to send you my taxi bills which came out to $38...
    to get to a rave!!!!!!

    secondly i find it rather offensive when your party ends at you then call your remaining patrons crackheads. I know it is meant as a joke, but i find it to be of poor humour
  16. IvanGogh

    IvanGogh TRIBE Member

    yea i caught it too! [​IMG]

    JDS - Destiny Calls <- yummy [​IMG]

    and as to the hardcore thing, i'm pretty sure people who walked in to the second room at 4am enjoyed it.


    "and they don't know what is what, they just strut. what the fuck?!" [​IMG]
  17. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    haha!!!!! We went thru the same thing! But the taxi drivers didnt charge us.....cuz we made it out to be like it was their fault they didn't know where it was !! lol......We ended up walking for like 1 hr. and got in by like 1:30.

    For a party not so my type...i had lotz of fun!! It was a crazy night indeed.

  18. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    jen, good to see you

    i was the guide for some reason as i went with friends from out of town...

    we walked FOREVER and we finally ended up at atlantis for some reason.....

  19. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    This party seemed to be one big uphill climb. When we got there I was terribly bored. I never realized how much I actually really dislike hardcore until I ended up listening to quite a bit of it. Jungle is ok but not really my bag either. Then booty house, ok stuff but again, not my thing. From there it just got better and better however...
    All in all I see it as a good party, the only conflict was in my personal taste in music. The UK hard house, trance, and techno sets were all very fun stuff. I haven't gotten to dance to really hard music in a while.

    Time to go back to London to sleep for a very long time.
    Good Night
  20. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    This party seemed to be one big uphill climb. When we got there I was terribly bored. I never realized how much I actually really dislike hardcore until I ended up listening to quite a bit of it. Jungle is ok but not really my bag either. Then booty house, ok stuff but again, not my thing. From there it just got better and better however...
    All in all I see it as a good party, the only conflict was in my personal taste in music. The UK hard house, trance, and techno sets were all very fun stuff. I haven't gotten to dance to really hard music in a while.

    Time to go back to London to sleep for a very long time.
    Good Night
  21. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    well well well.......nightmare and email have yet again, thrown a wicked party. [​IMG] i was a bit apprehensive about the palais royale, but it actually turned out to be a great venue. lots of room to boogie and a patio!!! i was in love with the patio actually. i spent most of the night out there- but wtf with the music being shut off??? whatev....made my way inside every now again. the music kicked my ass back outside- soooooo good!!

    my one beef with this party- the security were fucking ASSHOLES! what the fuck with the random checks??? isn't that illegal??? isn't that why we get searched at the door?? i saw someone get thrown out for smoking a joint........retarded. get new security. [​IMG]

    other than that i had the BEST time at this party. saw so many people! and even a couple tbk party people- moez and sunkist! [​IMG] we left around 7, so it was a full night of yummy partying for us. good times all around......thanks nightmare and email! [​IMG]

  22. spAce cAdette

    spAce cAdette TRIBE Member

    Looking back on this party from outside of the time warp I've come to the conclusion that it simply did not take place on May 19th 2001, but rather several years back in the history of our scene.
    Anyone who was there knows exactly what I'm talking about.
    The vibe at the Palais Royale that night was so alive with positive energy that I could feel it before even stepping through the doors. Once inside, the amazing crowd and wikkid music that awaited me combined with the venue of my dreams was almost overwhelming. I was completely in my element.
    I have to give respect to the guy who was telling all those crazy stories out on the patio, Steve I think? You had me in tears man, with your gestures and all you were fucking hilarious!!
    And to Twitch and Satori,
    I'm not sure you guys realize just how many of those flyers ended coming home with me...It seemed like every time I turned around your flyers were coming at me from all directions...or was that just me? Either way you guys are good company and I found it quite amusing [​IMG]
    Venue wise I must say I'm a big fan of the open concept feel of the upstairs room, it kind of had that old warehouse feel about it, which I love. Also a mention has to be given to the long downstairs dancing tunnel that led to outside. Very kewl. I agree with Sunkist, every party should be equipped with a deck and patio like this one was. It was beautiful chilling outside at twilight watching the night become day. Not to mention that the fresh air kept the dancefloor from getting to hot or smokey.
    Through and through I loved it! And other people obviously did too, considering the 300 people that were still there after the party finished, some of whom I ended up chilling in the park with on that beautiful sunny morning. Believe it or not there was very little sketchiness.
    Tara hun, thanks for fueling my fire.
    Beaker thanks for the CD.
    And Nightmare! Thanks for giving me one of the best nights of my life...you guys never disappoint!!

    I give Return To The Underground an unpecidented 10/10.

  23. Jess

    Jess TRIBE Member

    I thought this was an excellent party. Good crowd, met a lot of new people, and saw a lot of people I knew. If the weather hadn't been perfect it would have been a very bad party I think.

    Watching the sunrise and sunset at a party is definetly a good thing, the patio was perfect. The scary/sketchy hallway was not my favourite place to hang out, but bearable, too bad there was a lack of extension cords...

    To have onsite medical staff is awesome! There shirts were great too! "No one can suck and blow like us-No Fear" or something, and they seemed to be having a good time.

    There were a lot of drugs it seemed, but there's little you can do about that I guess, I'm assuming the checks at the door were fairly sufficient.

    One of the highlights would have to be DJ Swiss putting on "Put it in your mouth..." on the patio, and then apparently Hardtripp was late due to lack of communication so Toys decides to hit up the decks...it was a very "fun" 20 minutes or so.

    The decorations and effort were awesome. So were the spontaneous acts of fireworks on the lake.

    Another great thing was the crackhead sunrise conversations I had with this crew I decided to sit and chill with, she was crazy, yet had some really cool thoughts and perspectives on life...etc

    A really good party for me.
  24. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

    Well... I had a Wicked time there... I was amazed to see all the people there... this was my first Nightmare party and they really produced a Great party... Congrats...

    As for Decepticon and I, Our set together was really fun and I hope someof you got to hear it... if so please let us know what you thought... we would love the feedback..

    The Electrician
  25. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    Well wes, u know that i missed ur set, and thats all i went to hear..grrrrr.......oh well, it's not like I dont hear u spin all the time!! But still, wes breakz....yum yum!!

    <-- gwopo cheako....haha

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