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ecstasy riot

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HOLY JUNGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, after being carried from work in a stretcher and at the hospital for a few hours, I came home to quickly change and raced over to System. Even being in the hospital did not stop me from seeing my favorite DJ NICKY BLACKMARKET who spun just the most amazing set. I don't even know how I managed to dance. It was so good, and of course he played his signature tune Police Helicopter, and the Bambataa and SHy FX mix...which had me throw myself against the speakers cos it was so crazy. I even got goosebumps!!

Not only that but a special treat by Fearless who DJ'd at the beginning of the night. For all this I payed 12$. I mean, this is just such a treat.

Nicky once again proved that he can layer tracks with just ugh...so much fuking talent. He mixed in some ragga clasics with a newskool flavour and some new tracks and old and just everything a perfect set needs.

This night has proved to me that he still stands as my fave DJ of all time.

meghin <---- has to wake up for work in less than 4 hours...oh geez...


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Finally System Soundbar is being put to a good use.
Forget shitty progressive house nights, what a perfect venue for a thick, vibing jungle party!

I hate System with a passion, its always so crowded and so just... Blah.

But tonight was a mighty exception, Nicky Blackmarket.. Fearless and a flawless set by Marcus to a tightly packed but comfortable ALL AGES crowd set a new standard for system...

How about changing Breathe to a jungle night?
That might actually get me away from the basement of Turbo once in a while..

Nicky was amazing, it was my first time seeing him and I was worried that all I was going to hear was anthems, sure there were plenty of them but mixed in with tight tight newer flavour and as Meghin pointed out flawless Layered mixing.

I'm impressed, with what System COULD be and with Nicky Blackmarket.



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ya i was there too. it was pretty hype for sure. wicked tunes, not bad drinks, and good vibes. it got pretty full too which i wasnt expecting too too much. i just chilled at the back right where i had plenty of room to dance.


Penny Lane

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Never before have I had this much fun on a Wednesday night. Oh my! I have no complaints what so ever about last night. Nicky Blackmarket was just amazing as Meghin previously stated, I danced my ass off, and had good company pretty much the whole night. And Systems was a nice change of venue, as I have never been there for a jungle party before (pssst! use it more often, I kinda like it
). All in all it was a night well worth my $12, even if I only got 3 hours of sleep.
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Nicky Blackmarket was "throw me on the dancefloor and spin me all night" fuckin' good! System sucks but Nicky managed to bring some life to the joint for a couple of hours.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by olde:

Forget shitty progressive house nights, what a perfect venue for a thick, vibing jungle party!


Uh oh

looks like you might get a death threat email from the Mark Scaife Militia like I did once for that post!


Glad to see System's throwing another jungle event

Funglejunk used to be a lot of fun back a couple of years ago...

And what a way to start it to...Nicky.

He is also my all time fav DnB DJ and if I didnt live so damn far out of T.O. I wouldve been right up front with you kidz!



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is anyone going to mention all the hot ladies in the 19+ room?! so sweet.... i meant it's all about the music and i was never distracted.....

as for nicky. i had fun. he definitely play large scale tunes. it was nice to see, but i won't big him up too much as the set was a little played out, but he mixed pretty well. nothing overly complicated, but he got the job done. played to the crowd well. i just wouldn't rush out to see him. everything seemed to go pretty well though.

...did i mention the women in the 19+ room...... uh,... sorry.