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Nicky B. Kenny Ken. & Grooverider @ System


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Unfortunatly missed Capital J and Nicky Blackmarket, but Kenny Ken, Grooverider, and Marcus were all on point. Packed party good vibes. Good times. The peeps at loaded did this one up properly. Very nice to see. Kenny Kens last tune was B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


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awww...i was on the lookout, but i didn't see you last night!

great jam. started off a little bit sketchy, took me a few minutes to get over the kids. capital j was unimpressive but NB, kenny ken, grooverider, and marcus were def all on point. once the house cleared out a bit and there was some room to dance, i hit the floor and never looked back. we was jammin'! non-stop sick tunes last night. mc's weren't bad either. ;)


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Originally posted by mingster
the tribe junglist representation is decidedly disappointing.
Yeah, I was planning on hitting this, but some folks have to put studying before partying. :p

Really tho, the inertia was just too strong last night.

terrawrist III

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Originally posted by Chubbs
Techno pulled me away.

Im beginning to think more and more that im "done with" jungle.
until it pulls it's socks up I'm with that sentiment exactly...it will be pure nostalgia from now on:D

Kung Po Beef

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Wow!!! What a night! Groove and Kenny rocked it. Loved their sets. So many fun & fresh new dubs, I didn't stop dancing the whole time. The night got better when we took off for the Guv. Walked in right at the start of Carl Cox's set. JAM!!!

I couldn't have wished for a more perfect party night. The music was just spectactular.