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NickD - Chillaxin (Jazzy Soulful Loungy House)

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Ok, gonna give this whole mix thing another go. Got some good feedback on the first. Here goes my second try. Most people who know me know I'm a house junky, and I'm big into the Jazzy Soulful and Loungy stuff. So here' s a little compilation of tunes I like to groove to.

So if you're going to have some time for a lil'chillout session bring me along, it's some good tunes for just about anywhere.

Download MP3[97MB] (right click/save as)
Download Cue[2KB] (right click/save as)

01:Hold The light/Latrice
02:Take It/Tom Novy and Lima
03:Thru The Night/Steve Edwards
04:Champs Elisées Theme/Bob Sinclar
05:Spanish Grease/Willie Bobo(Dorfmeister Reserve Mix)
06:Slap That Bass/Elia Fitzgerald(Migs Petalpusher Mix)
07:Can't Read Your Mind/King DK
08:Closer To Home/Blue6
09:Secret/Stefano Capasso Ft. Sabrina J
10:Loving Me/BRS(Dubtribe Sound)
11:I Cant Wait/Andy Caldwell(Perpetual Bliss Mix)
12:How Long Has This Been Going On/Carmen McRaeMJ Cole Remix
13:Back To Me/Emilia Majello(Phunk Investigation Mix)
14:Sun-Science/Crazy P(Ron Basejam Remix)
15:Nothing Left To Say/Late Night Alumni

Feedback is always welcome ch33sebaconpan
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thanks man, i liked this one too

vocal cheese deep house is always welcome in the summer :)
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Thanks for the choons, bro. Gonna be listening to this on the drive up to the 'rents today.

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zoo said:
thanks man, i liked this one too

vocal cheese deep house is always welcome in the summer :)
It's perfect for lazying around in the sunshine, sometimes busting a quick move, then going back to head boppin and relaxin by the lake or pool.

Thanks for the feedback :)


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I have to say this has been on loopy rotation in my player since I d'ld... it's so freakin awesome! This is TOTALLY my style - and good mixing too!

More of this please!!!
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Gfunkdiva said:
More of this please!!!

Thanks so much, made me seriously blush.

I'm in the midst of collecting tracks that have that special sound that tickles my ears. I'm sure I'll have more put together in no time.



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this mix is fantastic.
perfect, laidback, lazy summer tunes.

i think i'm going to listen to it again (as i type this i'm a minute and a half from the end of the set)

i want more too.