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Nick Theos***STEREO MOJO*** EleKtrotek HaUs


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Whipped this up a few days ago, enjoy:)

A mix of tech/electro house, minimal and even some retro!


1. Colors - David Carretta
2. Speziale maedchen - Agent 86
3. Tick me - Tiefschwarz mix
4. Loverboy - Steve Bug (Guido Schneider remix)
5. Rebel One - Wax'The Crocodile
6. Anyway - Matthias Tanzmann
7. Van too - Lars Sommerfeld
8. Catch & Release - Rocco Branco
9. Version speciales - Les Antipodes
10. Blow - Frank Martiniq
11. Vegetable Orchestra - Gabriel Ananda
12. Das Rohren der rotwildbrunft - Domenik Eulberg
13. Multiplex - Rico Henschel & Rufus Dunkel
14. Walk Idiot Walk - Glanz Bild 02 (Hives bootleg;) )
15. Foreigner - Jake Fairly
16. Kalsong - Hugg & Pepp
17. Maschin in mir - STR
18. No speak - Delon & Dalcan
19. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode (Francois K Mix)


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nice mix nick!!!

I have already listened to it a few times and it just sounds better and better everytime... good job man!
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listening to one of your other mixes right this moment
downloading this one now, tracklisting looks good


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If this is even half as good as that Electro mix you did before I'm going to have a holly jolly christmas :)

Downloading now, thanks mate.


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digging this mix, like it more than the other one of yours I have

the track idiot walk works so well, good job on that.
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nick, nice set!!

i got to hear your latest mix alongside matt dublin last night
sweet mix.
you should release that for all the massive


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This thread deserves to be brought from the (relative) depths of Tribe once more.

Slept on this mix until now. *smacks head with palm*

F.U.C.K.I.N.G. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
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fuck yeah!!!

i'm STILL upset i didn't get to hear you at the tsunami relief party at the el mo, the more mixes you put up, the bettar!



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ok.. this one is alright.

But I want another mix!

(then lend me your CD recorder)
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