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Nick Holder is a national treasure


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A heads up... If you haven't listened to any of Nick's amazing Deep Section mixes , you really ought to.

One of Toronto's early house music pioneer producers, Nick Holder has been making trips to South Africa in the last few years, bringing Canadian deep house sounds to Africa, while bringing amazing South African house flavors back to incorporate in his work here in Canada.

He is kind of like a Deep House flavor Ambassador!

You can listen to Nick's Deep Section mixes or download them for free at this URL:


Download his latest mix here... It is excellent:
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nick was playing overseas long before most canadian djs.

i've know him for over 20 years. we use to frequent a place call 'falcon's nest' where he pretty much got his start spinning (then some twilight zone gigs).

not only a nation treasure but one of the most unrecognized djs in his own city but yet has been rocking overseas crowd since about 97. we use to joke he's more known in germany than canada.

he's also one of the nicest dudes you could know.


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Definitely. I should share this amazing back-to-back with Nick. This was back in 2010 when he just broke the SA market and he was bewildered at what was happening there. Playing for parties of 6,000 people going nuts. Apparently even when he arrived at Customs in Cape Town, the agent looked at his passport and was awstruck and actually asked for his autography and to have a photo taken with him. Can you imagine? Crazy. Props to Nick for representing!

Hali and Nick Holder at Toi Bar - Feb 19, 2010


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holy cow... 25 years. just remembered falcon's nest was like 87/88. crazy how time flies.

yes..SA adores him.
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Bernnie Federko

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For real. I don't even know where to go back with his biz? Before Da Sambrafrique? BBall capp backwards, air jordans? He represent (Capital 'H') House before everything, before DNH, before Definitive +8, way back. Before K7! and all the Aquaviva/Richie/Tosh...Total props I'm givin'....

Apologies for the name droppin', but he had the game before I knew players be 'bout it. Soul is born, not earned. Original. Old school to the max.

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