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Niagara Wine Tour Reco's


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Does anyone have any recommendations on packages/tours?

I'm hoping to book something toward the end of March. Overnight deal...preferably not a B&B unless it's pretty posh (I admit to being a turd-- it can look charming but I'd prefer manufactured charm over the authenticity of heirloom, though potentially germy stuff). Essentially I don't want it to feel like I'm staying in someone's house.

Also -is there a seasonality to these tours I'm too dumb to consider? Is the idea of end of March stupid? It's a birthday deal so the timing isn't really negotiable.



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Hmmmm recomendations...

A good place to eat for lunch is About Thyme Bistro in Vineland have been here 3'xs and never disappoints though I always get the charcutterie plate and i think they allow BYOB as along as it is a Niagara wine...


Fielding Estate
Organized Crime
Daniel Lenko

These are all on the bench...
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We had a great time at the Fielding Estates, tour guide Jen is smoken hot too. She was flirting with me over conversations surrounding sandy loam soil, lol.

the Doctor

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Daniel Lenko for SURE (nice call comosuave).

He is intentionally not on the vine tour, because he sells out of all his wines pre-tour season due to quality and incredible attention to detail. The vines are some of niagara's oldest, in fact, before Daniel started making wine, they sold grapes to the best of the best (early niagara vitners).

The tastings are done in his dad's bungalow on the vineyards, you sit in his kitchen and drink wine and eat his dad's peach preserves on crackers as their lovely dog wanders around. I've done the niagara tour, all of it, and noone has better character than DL.