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NHT audiophile 12" Subwoofer and matched NHT power amp / crossover


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NHT audiophile 12" Sub woofer and matched NHT power amp / crossover


I am selling my really nice 12" audiophile quality NHT subwoofer model NHT SW3S, which comes with a matched NHT SA3 power amp/crossover.

The subwoofer is encased in a high gloss black lacquered enclosure that makes a nice small coffee table or end table that will look great in an office or living room.

The matched power amp has a built in crossover and is easy to add to your existing sound system. Detailed setup instructions are available.

This sub would add extra clean ooomph to a high end home theater system for example, or you could use it to beef up your existing home or office sound system.

This system cost thousands when new, and I am sad to part with it, but I need to make room for other stuff.

I am located near Queen & Greenwood.


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