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nhl trade deadline - rumours/trades/etc...


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I've seriously been slacking on the scuttlebutt lodge.... anyhow, here's some gossip for you guys! :)

- The Ducks are looking at Tyler Arnason and Geoff Sanderson. The Canes are also looking at Sanderson

- According to RDS.ca, Mark Parrish has been traded. The problem is, nobody knows where...

- Mark Rechhi to the Flyers is really picking up steam, and could be done soon

- Sundin to Vancouver? It's a rumour, and the package going to Toronto would include Jovo. This all would also depend on Jovo's health

- Chris Chelios could become a Hab according to several sources

- Roloson to Ottawa is a very large possibility

- If McCabe is not signed by Thursday, it now looks like he will be traded. I've heard Vancouver, Carolina and Colorado

- Roloson to Tampa is close... this is VERY close, and the only thing holding it up is that Tampa would also like a d-man in the deal...Tampa would not move core players, but would consider moving their #1 pick ...no players off the current roster going back

- Barnaby to Montreal is also being discussed

- Comrie rumored to Buffalo, Nashville, Ottawa

- Derek Morris rumored to NJ, NYR, or Philly

- Dallas Drake is looking more like Ottawa all the time

- Recchi to Philly will be for picks

- The Rangers are looking at Bertuzzi or "another power forward."

- The Devils are looking seriously at Witt

- The Dallas Stars are also considering John LeClair

- Boston will only likely move Raycroft if they can get Conklin in return..the Bruins want a roster player

- The Avalanche would LOVE Parrish. The Red Wings are in on that Parrish thing as well.....There is a good chance that Parrish stays however

- The Kings would love to do something major, but right now that partner isn`t out there...
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The Leafs calling up Aubin and D-man Brandon Bell has the trade winds blowing, but it seems Toronto always do this near the deadline to pick up fan interest. I wonder if it ever scares rivals to make a move before they want to?


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stop the presses...czerkawski (sp?) placed on waivers...couldn't they at least get a 3rd round draft pick or a bag of pucks for this guy...


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Get something for him! Adds to speculation the leafs will make a move. If JF2 wants to keep his head, it should be for futures. Don't tell me anyone sombre are still thinking playoffs. i honestly hope nothing happens till Thurs. Trades before the deadline usually make for a boring deadline day.
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gak said:
stop the presses...czerkawski (sp?) placed on waivers...couldn't they at least get a 3rd round draft pick or a bag of pucks for this guy...

past trades and deals regarding the leafs has resulted in allocating an entire room to house all the bags of pucks.


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I like the sound of Sundin gping to Vancouver, but then again I'm a canucks fan.
They had better not bring McCabe back though.


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green_souljah said:
Antropov and Berg could be dealt for an old pair of shoes and half a pack of gum.
.....NO DICE
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So TSN has live coverage tomorrow starting at 8am...

I hope they keep the website continually updated as well...
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Aerius Zension

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Sleepy Giant said:
I'll be surprised if anything major happens tomorrow.

I'm thinking this too. A lot of GM's don't have the same freedom they did for the past two exciting trade deadlines (ie, Nolan to Toronto). Plus, there's a lot of bubble teams that may/not make the playoffs.

A lot of the big trades have already happened in the season, some worked (ie, Thornton to SJ) and some have yet to work (ie, Weight to Canes).

I'll have to check my sources later, but I recall some of the bigger ones. Again, these are just offers and rumours, nothing definate.

If Keith Tkachuk does not waive his NTC to come to New York, the Rangers do have a back-up plan. As I was informed by **** and ****, the Rangers and Canucks today talked about a trade that would send Todd Bertuzzi to New York.

It'll be interesting to see where Olie "Are you joking me" (Jokinen) goes. I think Calgary is now out of the race in which they were leading.

The Canes are talking to Pens about bringing in LeClair to replace Cole. They also called up the Bruins about the price tag on Samsonov and Boynton. This is interesting because as we know the Oilers and Bruins are still talking to this point about a trade that would send Samsonov and Raycroft to the Oilers for Dvorak, Green, Morrison, and a draft pick. I expect the Hurricanes staff to be working the phones to get a forward on to the Canes roster to replace Cole. They don't believe that Andrew Ladd is ready to step into Cole's spot. Just a sidenote -the Leafs are waiting for McCabe's decision on the contract that was submitted over to his agent, so talks with the Canes have slowed down. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Canes went after Tkachuk.

It's a mess in Toronto right now. Quinn would like to add someone to the roster and make a push into the playoffs, while JFJ wants to sell off players on the roster. Quinn might win here because the board wants to make the playoffs to get at least some first round revenue.I really don't have any idea who's in control of this house right now. Meanwhile, the Flames have offered a second round pick for Darcy Tucker. The Stars have also offered up a draft pick and a prospect. The Kings are interested in picking up Belfour, but they aren't interested in picking up his salary for next season.

Gainey is interested in both Bertuzzi and Tkachuk, but he's not willing to part with Souray to get Bertuzzi. They Habs also have been talking to the Hawks a lot recently and sources tell me it's about Calder and Arnason. You can add in Cullimore as well if you'd like. I'm still trying to get something back from the Hawks in terms of whom they are asking for from the Habs. I also know the Habs have interest in Mitchell and Mara, and we know they've talked to the Coyotes about Mara. And remember the name Hrdina if they cant land a second line centre.

The Bruins are in selling mode. MOC is really trying to move Samsonov, Raycroft, Leetch and Murray. Wilson keeps talking with Mike about Murray. He'd also be interested in brining in Samonsov, but Joey is really pushing for Murray, and talking to some people, Murray would love to be moved to the Sharks. The Bruins are still talking with the Oilers. I think the Oilers are holding off on this deal to look at other options. The Oilers like Weekes, and they like Jiggy. The Rangers wouldn't mind some blueline help and the same goes for the Ducks. The Rangers have also expressed interested in brining back Leetch.

Aerius Zension

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Edmonton just got off the phone with the Sabres.

They are back on the phone with the Wild.

They've been talking to the Sabres, Wild, Coyotes, Leafs, and Rangers today.

I think they are going to pull the trigger.

The Oilers were on the phone with the Bruins last night talking about Samsonov and Raycroft.

Parrish might be going to the Canes.

And Trent Hunter will be re-signed.

The Avs are on the phone with the Rangers right now about Weekes. They called the Panthers and and Sabres earlier.
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Aerius Zension

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Edmonton didn't want to pick up Belfour's salary next year, or he might've been gone. Phoenix would never depart with Cujo now that Boucher was gone.

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Well, the same argument could be stated for Biron and Raycroft as their price was too high as well.

Aerius Zension said:
Edmonton didn't want to pick up Belfour's salary next year, or he might've been gone. Phoenix would never depart with Cujo now that Boucher was gone.

Guess I was wrong, Yotes are taking offers for Cujo. He could be moved, for the right price, which is really vague.

The Canucks are on the phone with the Coyotes right now regarding Cujo.

The Canucks have been talking to the Rangers about Weekes earlier today. The Rangers are interested in Kesler.

The Canucks also called about Noronen today. Details to come.

Also to note, the Kings have made an offer for Cujo.
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