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NHL season thread 2014 - 2015

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I think he was shocked he didn't finish the blow

Ryan Malone 'shocked' when police discovered cocaine in his pocket
Former Tampa Bay Lightning forward Ryan Malone apparently has no idea where the 1.3 grams of cocaine found in his pocket during an April 11 DUI arrest came from.

The Tampa Bay Times acquired discovery documents from Malone's arrest that noted the 34-year-old was "baffled" and "shocked" by the finding of illicit drugs in his back pocket, as he had been wearing the same jeans for three days.

Malone, who pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence and cocaine possession charges, was bought out by the Lightning in June and is expected back in court Aug. 19.
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settled out of court, says some.
Moore's bro says no. Canucks say settled.
Moore was asking $60M+. good luck with dat.
i'm guessing 30 - 40 M.

Bernnie Federko

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You're not exactly correct, as there's 2 separate disputes. One is Bertuzzi/Canucks, the other is Moore/Bertuzzi. It looked like both were settled, then the Moore one has hit an obstacle. hence the post.
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The full NHL on Sportsnet broadcast team is as follows:

George Stroumboulopoulos (Hockey Night in Canada, NHL on Sportsnet)
Ron MacLean (Rogers Hometown Hockey, NHL on Sportsnet)
Leah Hextall
Jeff Marek
Daren Millard
Play-by-Play Announcers

Bob Cole
Jim Hughson
Dave Randorf
Paul Romanuk

Rick Ball (Calgary)
Kevin Quinn (Edmonton)
Paul Romanuk / Dave Randorf (Toronto)
John Shorthouse (Vancouver)
Game Analysts

Gary Galley
Glenn Healy
Mike Johnson
Craig Simpson

John Garrett (Vancouver Canucks)
Kelly Hrudey (Calgary Flames)
Greg Millen (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Drew Remenda (Edmonton Oilers)
Studio Analysts and Insiders

Don Cherry (Coach’s Corner)
Damien Cox
Elliotte Friedman
Glenn Healy
Kelly Hrudey
Billy Jaffe
Mike Johnson
Chris Johnston
Nick Kypreos
Doug MacLean
Scott Morrison
Darren Pang
John Shannon
Mark Spector
P.J. Stock
Rinkside Reporters

Cassie Campbell-Pascall
Arash Madani
Roger Millions
Dan Murphy
Scott Oake
Gene Principe
Christine Simpson

I can deal with that. Hopefully Bob Cole will get some Leafs national games.


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90% of the time, the volume is ZERO, for all Leafs games. i may miss the goal, but i'll see the replay. i don't need to hear some washed up has been spewing their crap about the pros and cons about that goal.
If you're at home listening to a Leafs game with the volume up so high you can hear the play by plays more than you're hearing your own dog vomit, you're doing it wrong.


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What about Kevin Weekes? He was always on point and had the best duds on the panel. Seems a bit of an oversight to ax the first black hockey analyst in history doesn't it?
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sick throwback third jersey this season.



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i love the out of sync rogers commercial with mark messier saying you can take your sports with you anywhere....wow...how that got aired is beyond me...lol

Bernnie Federko

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"@TSNBobMcKenzie: Chris Pronger will continue to be on LTIR with PHI while he works at the NHL."

"@NYP_Brooksie: NHL is a league that selectively prosecutes circumvention cases, carves out rules/exceptions for favored owners. Pronger fits in perfectly."
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