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next Sasha album to be mostly breaks.

Angus Robinson

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In a recent interview, Sasha said:

"Once my record drops in September, it will hopefully expose people to another dimension that perhaps hasn't been there in the past," he recounts after a long day at work in his Amsterdam studio. "I've kind of felt that there's been a bit of a hole in my career waiting for this record to get done. I started the whole project five, or seven, years ago. Back then I didn't even know how to work a computer or anything. It's taken me a few years just to get my head around the studio and really get comfortable... There are a couple of tracks on the album that were recorded a couple of years ago but most of it's been done in the last six months. A lot of stuff on my album is more electro, breakbeat. There's actually only one four-to-the-floor track on the album."

I just hope it's a little more bangin than rabbitweed... that track was cool, but definitely not dancefloor material.


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I'm sure he will be dropping a few tracks from his album on Fri....
I believe one of his breaks tracks is called 'Wavy Gravy'?? :\

Sugar D

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sasha has always been into breaks...

I have some sets from him in '94 & '95 which have a lot of elements of breaks.

Even the first Sasha & Digweed Northern Exposure Album had some breaks on it (Rabbit in The Moon, Hardkiss).

In most interviews I read he seems to have say that breaks are the future and lists Adam Freeland as a genius and his favourite producer.

I'm looking forward to the album.. I'm curious :)


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Sasha is da man!!

Ya, indeed Sasha has been dropping the breakbeats all over his albums that he released.
Nothern Exposure (O Degrees North) - these Waves by Young American Primitive ( the phattest track ever!) also, Hardkiss, and RITM as Mark mentioned.
Northern Exposure (East Coast)( My fav) - Gus Gus, Hybrid, Botz....booya
Northern Exposure- Execeptions ( or whatever)... the Enjoy Silence track--phat
GU Ibiza - BT - booya

the list goes on, i am triing to say that Sasha has elements in all of is albums of the breakbeats, even his more progressery tracks that he plays have touchs of the break in them. so i am extremely looking foward to this album, and cannot wait until it comes out.....and also Lexicon....did you say that you already had the album.....?

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Nah, haven't got the album.... I wish though!
There was a mention in the GU board that one of his tracks was played at the WMC boat party, entitled 'Wavy Gravy'.
Apparently he ended his set with it.

So I guess I would be expecting to hear in this friday.