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next level DIY

evil homer

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a brilliant meeting of design and activism - this is ones of the better resources i've found yet for anyone interested in quite basically doing things themselves and with others (but not say with centralized anonymous bodies of power). Enjoy.
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I want the girl on the bike with rocket... Any girl that would ride a bike with a rocket mounted on it has to be awesome. I wonder if they take paypal...


miss riot

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I dunno, reads like something out of Adbusters. meh. I fail to see the brilliance in some of the usability/accessiblity of these (as design/activism should somewhat reflect). I am down with the microdwellings though.
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I wonder how far you would get with an antiaircraft missle strapped to your bike in downtown Toronto.


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Bass-Invader said:
these guys really love triangles and polygons with sides of equal lengths.

yes that simple stool uses about 200 lbs of steel and nuts and wire and everything... very frugal on the environment indeed...

Technical specifications:

Weight: 3.5 kg.
Dimensions: 590 x 520 x 495 mm.

Component list:

1 pc stainless steel sphere Ø 30.4mm
3 pc eye nut M6
3 pc set screws 6 x 16
15 pc buttonhead 6 x 10
15 pc lock nut
3 pc set screws 6 x 10
3 pc hexagonal holes 6 x 10 mm with cut head
3 pc self-locking washers
3 pc top nuts M6
2 pc hexagonal holes 8 x 15 mm
2 pc disks 8 x 24 x 2 mm
1 pc steel rod 420 x 10 x 1.5 mm
1 pc seat 515 x 515 x 515 x 1 mm, stainless, acid-proof steel AISI 316 L
12 pc 70° struts, 500 x 50 x 1 mm stainless, acid-proof steel AISI 316 L
1 pc seat pad 514 x 9 mm, PE foam density 40 kg/m3
3 pc truck tarpaulin rubber straps
3 pc bakelite spheres Ø 32 mm
Double-sided tape.
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