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next friday @ madbar!


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This friday, the 2am crew burrows deep inside the madbar, taking over the back room for the night. We're getting dirty this week as we bring out the techno crates to fuNk shit up! progressive/house/techno goodness. :)

The Dukes - opening set
Orange Richie - 12 -2am
Alchemy - 2am- close

and of course Evil P in the main room..

send your guestlist requests to guestlist@2ammusic.com

see you Friday!

For more info and music from 2am, visit www.2ammusic.com

Peace & love. D
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They're playing two places that night. They're such a cute couple that everyone wants a piece! :D

Peace & love. D
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Forgot to add, Rich will be handing out copies of his first CD (and the second release on the 2am label) 'Fundamentals.' Full of hard, progressive sounds and a few classic tracks... good evening parents... ;)

Peace & love. D

Adam Duke

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Sheesh, all these shenanigans going on in the House Forum!

Yes, we're at both events for friday night.

Dressed in leather chaps only for one of them.

Which one will it be?

Tune in to find out!


(sorry, Derek - you've already had your piece. no seconds until others get some.)