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Newson B2B w/Ski:


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...sickness...I guess this would perhaps be underground garage...urban house?...U.K underground?...

DJ Newson In Session : Freeze 92.7 FM
Back 2 Back with DJ $ki

Ramsey & Fen "Always" (1998, BUG)
NuJack "Trickin" (TBA, Acetate / Solo)
3 Play "Rio" (1996, In The Air)
Sugar Beetz "In Your Eyes" (2003, Acetate / 2Tuf 4U)
Bump 'n' Flex "Long Time Coming" (1997, Swing City)
Michael Watford "You Got It" [Tuff Jam Remix] (1997, Azuli)
Drama "Found You" (2003, Solo)
DJ $ki Vs. D'n'D "Pick It Up" [$ki's Breakdown Bump] (Early '04, Acetate / D'n'D Recordings)
Tito Puente "Oye Como Va" [Joey Musaphia Main Mix] (1995, MCA)
Kele Le Roc "Little Bit Of Lovin'" [Tuff Jam's Global Dub] (1998, Polydor)
Lemar "50 50" [Kings Of Soul Remix] (2003, Sony)
DIY "Feelin' High" (TBA, Acetate / 2Tuf 4U)
Jeremy Sylvester "The Unofficials : Volume 2" (1997, White)
Todd Edwards "End This Hate" (1993, Nervous)
Tuff Jam feat. Q-Rius "Spread Love" [Tuff Rub Dub] (1995, Casa Trax)
Nu Jack "Gone" (TBA, Acetate / Solo)
Sara Devine "Take Me Home" [Masters At Work Remix] (2003, White)
Karl Brown "Beautiful" (TBA, Acetate)
Sima "Give You Myself" (1997, Mo's Music)
Melrose & Fabin "Sunshine" (Feb '04, Acetate)
Duncan Powell "Right Now" (Feb '04, Acetate / urbanforums Recordings)
DJ $ki "Mr. Hands" (AVAILABLE NOW, Broken Wax)
2 Deep "Get Away" (1997, Ripe 'n' Ready)
Mental Instrum feat. Chicago People "Love Changes" (1994, Music Station)
Tuff Jam "Key Dub" (1997, I! Recordings)
Shawn Benson "Music" [Booker T's Vox Dub] (1997, Fruit Tree)
DJ $ki "Hold On Strong" (2003, Acetate / Broken Wax)
D'Influence "Falling" [Booker T Mass Fusion Dub] (1998, Echo)
The NW7 Project "Nothin '04" (Feb '04, Acetate / Breaking Down)
Todd Edwards "Are You There" (2003, I! Recordings)

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saturdays 4pm - 6pm on freeze 92.7. 4x4 bizness!
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