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Newbie to Midi/Sampling & Keyboards


TRIBE Member
I need some direction with Midi/Keyboards and my Software. Please be patient as I am new to all of this, and may come across as very illiterate technically. I recently purchased a YPT-200 Yamaha Keyboard with Midi In/Out that i have connected to my Joystick Port in the back of my sound card (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS). I am running Cubasis VST 4 and Fruity loops and Wave Lab Lite Audio Editing software on my PC. What I am trying to do is load a Wav File on to my Keyboard for manipulation. I have tried the the step by step recording MIDI guide and have spent 2 days surfing the net for some step by step instructions, and I am overwhelmed. How do I get sounds from my computer into my keyboard? If anyone is around to offer some advice i would greatly appreciate it.... do I even have all the required software? A friend of mine mentioned that I need a driver for my keyboard and that I could download it off of the manufacturers website, but I found nothing of the sort at yamaha. Can someone please help?