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New years Resolutions?


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Boss Hog said:
Hmm something like that. Would she have the time/interest? (it's for rhyming cautionary tales for ill-behaved children)
i can't speak for the time part, but she'd totally be interested

PM me the details and I'll ask her


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I seriously have no resolutions at all. I try to always live my life the best I can all through the year, and if I encounter an issue, I change it then... no waiting.

The only thing that I "should" change is quitting smoking... But, I actually enjoy it, and I'll quit when I'm ready.
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Subsonic Chronic

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Start training MMA. That's the big goal of the year, although I guess it's not a resolution.

With the long-term goal of having fight(s) within 2 years of starting training.
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-become the wonder down under and totally have the time of my life in australia
-become open to the possibility of sweep-you-off-your-feet love
-lose some weight
-do really well at teachers college
-be less beligerent
-be less cynical and sarcastic

Mrs. Pink

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-get a bit more studio savy, i'm making good headway so far....
-get my releases out there
-continue to be the best dad and husband i can be
-get that better job that i'm SO close to getting
-i guess i should put the typical lose weight thing here.....but really, i don't care THAT much....but i guess i could go to the gym.


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Deus said:
To run at least 2009 kilometers in 2009.
that's an achievable goal, if you ran 34.64 km per week in 2009.

what's the distance of a marathon?
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I have some!

Do the small ladder jump in the Don.
Take 2 bike trips, one to BC in August and the other undecided.
Compete at least 10 times.
Stop doing certain things that I will not mention :p
Finish my thesis proposal by April.


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- Definitely need to drop a few pounds.
- Get back on the ice
- spend more time weighing the larger decisions and plan farther ahead
- continue the research/planning needed for a microfinance plus start-up
- Spain in the spring!

If I go away:
- Finish my divemaster(scuba) certification
- Continue to expand my spanish

If I don't go away:
- Recreational sports
- Join a local dive club
- Buy a kayak for my Mom's place on Simcoe and get up there tons on the weekends.
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For the first 4 months of 2009 I'll be attempting to do full time school and full time work so I'm resolving to not fuck that up, which is going to mean:

- get lots of rest on the weekend so I can deal with the demanding week ahead
- don't get trashed on the weekend so I can function on Sundays and Mondays
- stop eating junk food on the weekend because it messes me up for the week
- run before every class
- eat healthier in general so I have more energy to get shit done
- get to more pilates classes
- don't let shit slip at work

For the rest of 2009:

- go out with friends and stop breaking plans.
- get out of the house and be FUN to be around
- run a 10K race
- find a group to hike with
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- stay motivated to kick ass at this job, so I can get. the hell. out.
- take another course
- try to stop buying bottled water and using plastic bags
- cut way back on processed foods
- get to the gym or yoga at least twice a week
- become less awful at snowboarding
- read more
- save some money
- actually follow through with a few of the things on this list :eek:


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#2 - Cancel my current gym membership because I'm not using it at all and its sucking $75/month out of my account that would be better used to supporting my Ice habit, which is also an effective method of weight loss.


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i'm against resolutions, but some of the things i plan to do in 2009 are:

-disabuse my landlord of the notion that tenants are akin to small children, just there to be bullied.
-pretend i'm 10 years younger while i backpack across europe.
-continue to go to the gym regularly despite the lack of gratification i get from it.
-continue to pervert the nation by hosting/coordinating/facilitating play parties, gatherings, hook-ups, etc.
-get a book deal. (i say this every year... but my writing group has been talking about organizing sessions to get submissions together too, so maybe with the motiviation of others i can apply myself to the ugly task of selling myself. ugh what a sentence. "allow myself to introduce... myself.")

Sal De Ban

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- continue being awesome
- keep up my non-smoking record (30 years!)
- maintain my current wieght and physique
- have diablo teach me how to roll out a generous portion of that boganza shit
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