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new years resolutions

Joe Seven

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• less indulging
• less smoking
• back to the gym
• hopefully meet someone nice and have a "normal" relationship
• more photography + art


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Again, my big resolution this year is to keep striving for a balance in my life, between work, school, social activities, my health. I find this so difficult to not only achieve, but maintain.
In 2007, I want to really make more of an effort to maintain focus on things that are important and shrug off those that aren't. I have a few major things I want to achieve in 2007 beyond everyday "live better" resolutions, and I hope to be able to maintain perspective if they don't go as planned.

and, I want to save some serious cash.


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I use different points in the year as benchmarks to stop and reflect where I was the previous year/ 6 months etc.

I'm not sure what my exact resolutions were last year, but I at least made progress in my life now that I look back.
-got married
-moved to a new house
-getting a puppy in 4 days
-learned to snowboard
-camped as much as I wanted to
-wasn't working at this time last year, now I'm getting paid well to post about my new years plans on the internet
-finished some exams I had ben putting off for 5 years!

Some plans for next year (for posterity)
-exercise more, started and stopped a lot this year, like to drop about 20 lbs or so that I picked up when I quit smoking
-get to Australia (thailand, hong kong, Japan) by November. Was planning on going there to live for a while in March, but plans changed so its looking like a vacation only.
-Visit my mother in Ireland, its been a few years, and I know she may not be around in a couple years
-Decide on a place to live and settle down for once, pick a city/country and stay there - maybe get some roots
-find a good job at a good company (need to settle first) I refuse to work for a crappy company again, top 50 employers only from now on.
-I'm going on a cruise (of all things) in Sept so that should knock off my shuffleboard goal
-Start to learn french, Get my CMA/CFA letters
-stop spending money. I spend far too much and save far too little, stop upgrading my PC every year, no more gadgets or large purchases, I should have more than I need now for a while. New Xbox 360 and LCD TV, I'm looking in your direction.

maybe knock my wife up...but not planning that right now :D
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I don't remember what i said last year but it probably had something to do with getting out of debt. but we just bought a house so that's not going to happen anytime soon.

so this year:

-resolve debt issues other than mortgage
-play hockey
-be a good mum
-stop being a pushover at work and stand up for myself and things i need

Hawk Eye

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I recently quit smoking in July..here is a tip if you want to quit..
you can only quit when you TRUELY want to quit. If you set a date saying 'im going to quit on this date'..you won't, you'll try and fail. If friends/family bugs you..that won't help either. I was in the middle of my smoke and said 'fuck this'
and threw it out and threw out my pack..and i haven't smoked since.

I also drink on the weekends and am around smokers..and i dont get nic fits..i did like any quitter but got over it.

I just thought i'd give my two cents as quitting smoking always seems to be a new years resolution.
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So what you're saying is that a July resolution in the form of a "Fuck this" and a concomitant tossaway of the cigarettes is effective as compared to a January 1st-oh-I-am-so-trashed resolution?

Big Cheese

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Skipper said:
what did you say you were going to accomplish in 2006, did you actually do it
yes and yes

me from last years thread said:
1. tone up and get in even better shape (in that order)
2. travel outside of canada (school or for pleasure)

and what's planned for 2007?
1. actually get back into shape again because i've let myself slide a bit
2. pay off as much debt as possible


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I don't usually make resolutions as I find that I usually never stick with them but since I had a relatively successful last year (completed both my post grad degree in public relations and just completed my masters of communications and partied a hell of a lot less and took better care of myself), I figure why not?!

  • Remain smoke free (I just quit smoking cigarettes, thank you Allen Carr)
  • To embark on my PhD(god knows I will need help staying on track with this one)
  • To call and write my family and friends every week from Australia to let them know how much I miss them and how much they mean to me
  • To stop sweating the small stuff and not worry so much about the future and live in the now
  • To stay in shape, continue going to the gym at least three times a week and train to do another half marathon or even full one!
  • To travel and explore all ofAustralia and surrounding areas (if finances allow)

That is kind of a tall order but I am feeling motivated so hopefully this list is achievable.

Good luck everyone with their new year's resolutions, be good to yourselves. (feeling a little hippi-esque today, apparently)

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I never make resolutions. shit changes so yeah.

out of the things I would like to do this year, however:

1) Get my business started
2) Buy a house

if 1 & 2 don't pan out then I'm moving to my company's branch in Munich. I could never really justify spending lots of cash on travelling. I mean, why spend it on travelling when you can pay off debt, save for a downpayment, or put it towards something financially productive? Slowly learning that I gotta see more of the world.


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-to cut hours down at work and spend more time at home with my wife
-take more vacations
-take up a new sport

Subsonic Chronic

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Time to think up some goals for 2007. I don't want to call these resolutions, because that sounds more appropriate for things you want to *stop* doing or changes in behaviour than goals you want to achieve.

- Lead rock. I want to be able to lead rock climbs this summer, and lead ice by the 2007/2008 winter season.

- Climb Mt. Athabasca. Most likely with the assistance of Muad'ib. If not Athabasca, then some other peak over 3,000m this summer.

- Solo a peak around Jasper.


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2006 was all about change - new dog, new home, new job, new boyfriend...

for 2007 i plan to focus on my health and travel. that's it. get healthy. get outta the city more. easy peasy. no more excuses. already we're hitting up new york and a vegas/LA road trip is in the works.

the health thing won't be quite so easy but i know that being happy is the first step and i am definitely there.
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Just by shopping around and placing calls,I will now save $100 on car insurance each month starting like now!

Screw you Kingsway Insurance!


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~ become vegetarian (so far so good :))
~ continue to enjoy wedding planning, get married to my soulmate, then enjoy the 3 weeks honeymoon in IBIZA!!!
~ lose 15 pounds
~ excel at my new job
~ let all my friends know how much I love them

Those are the most important ones.


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weird... apparently i didn't post in last years thread, but what a year of change 2006 was for me! new apartment, new job, new relationship, and (FINALLY) started school!

for 2007, i resolve to continue kicking ballsauce at school, work, and staying happy.

my one difficult resolution will be to try to keep my gym routine going (i've lost a good 10-15 pounds since 2005 and have managed to keep it off give or take a couple pounds, through keeping active and making much better food choices).

the other difficult one will be trying to be on time at work, at least 85% of the time. so far, i'm not off to a good start on that one. :eek:
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