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New Years Eve people pleaser?

sally cinnamon

TRIBE Member
Hi people.

A bunch of friends who want to spend new years eve together but can't decide on a place to go that will satisfy everyone's needs.

Does anyone know of a new years eve event going on that will please a crowd who listens to house, techno, rnb, and hip hop?

I think its getting pretty tough to accommodate everyone, but if anyone has any suggestions, i would grately appreciate it.




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STAY AT HOME. And open up Kazaa.

or party hop.

The only place that would play ALL those things would probably be a really nasty jock place like the Joker or Joe. Or something gay like Fly?

Look at http://www.eye.net


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For those musical tastes I would suggest Milk at Habitat. $40 though but you'll get some sweet house and Techno (Kenny is spinning there I think)
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