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New Wyclef Jean

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
Soooooo much better than his last album!
Possibly even as good as The Carnival (gasp!)
Wicked remake of Knocking on Heaven's Door and Oh What A Night.

Wyclef is a freaking genius, and I think this album is gonna help re-establish that.
Now what we need is another Fugees album!

I'm not a Hip-Hop fan really, (I'm really choosy about what kinda thug beats I listen to), but Wyclef and the Fugees kick ass.
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I haven't heard the new album yet, but I thought the carnival was brilliant. The Wycleftic was so-so, that kenny rogers song was sick. lol

I still think the Score is one of the best albums of all time. I'd love to see another Refugee Album, I'm not gonna put my money on it though. :rolleyes: