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new tune

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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You've got good a good beat, could use some variation. You need to process everything else a lot more. It all seems a bit dry. I am listening on crappy speakers, so I can't comment on the bass. The midrange sounds all come in clear tho. Did you use a preset on the main synthline?

docta seuss

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agreed. you've got some neat sounds n' such, and the beat is good, but nothing seems to really happen. just needs a lot more work methinks, but a good start for sure:)


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Thanks Everyone for listening!
What would you guys think would give more color to this track.Any suggestions?


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Originally posted by oddmud
Did you use a preset on the main synthline?

I believe it was a preset that i fucked with.Either from Absynth or Junglist. Sorry to hung over and lazy to look it up but im sure its one of them.But i think it was Absynth.
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