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New tune(BREAKS)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
Nice beats.. but it don't go no where. The structure represents nothing more than what bonus beats would offer. Sound quality although streaming sounds good. It definitely has potential.

As I often do if I'm stuck for ideas, go listen to a similar record that you love and try imitating it with your own artistic touch. Initially you might feel like your just ripping off someone else's idea but it's only gonna spark fresh ones of your own.



New Member
Imitating other artists ideas would to me be lack of inspiration and creativity,I gues alot of peeps do it but to me the whole
point of production is speaking your own language and thoughts through music....

This track is nice keep on working on it ...


TRIBE Member
^^^ thanks for the review......but the other guys are referring to another track that WAS up but the one you just listened to is newer.....but same link.

Thanks Again though:D
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