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new toooonz


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Theres a hell of alot of techno coming out these days. And boxing day/week means everything is being sold- so what are you people picking up?

I just grabbed Question 1-3-4-6
Drum Code 20.5 (I found it doug)
Hautec 2 and 3 (<-- wicked fucking label!)
Rino Cerrone's new Terminal M release.
Exit Strategy on Intersinc Design
Chesterbeaty on Phont Music
Pacou on Speaker Attack
and finally
some really cool white label that I dont know anything about.



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Shapes N Forms - "blue print Ep" - Restructured Recordings...

the next release....when this record hits the streets..keep your eyes peeled people ...this record is fucking dope




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Claude Younge -"external remix" -
Marco Carola - "design 1-5" double
Drumcode 23 1/2
Peter Benisch and Joel Mull "silouettes"
Cari Lekebusch "roadworx"
Christian Bloch vs. Bjorn Svin on Simple Muzik
The Hacker "moments 2.1"

thus is what's i picks ups todays.

c'mon fellow techfiends....don't say you got nuttin' fresh in yah bag...share your matertial!!!!