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new to tribe


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hi guys.....i'm new to tribe, just wanted to introduce myself, say hi to everyone and wish them a great holiday
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YaY I'm a girl too!:p
but not 23 and i dont live in toronto..

dammit...trying to be tribe cool isnt working for me this week. LOL

Hope you post some good threads:D


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Hi, i'm new too. I just ate rice noodles and I got a bunch of hygenic tools for gifts, I think people are trying to tell me something....anyways that's pretty much what I have to say..ohh and there are a great deal of sexual-oriented threads on here, so get ready....tooo parrrrrtey..no...mehh, their ok, I get tired of reading then don't feel like replying. Feel free to let me know what you think of me, I love feedback.
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Hi and welcome :)

I'm 23 and a girl and *almost* live in TO ;)

Have a good stay and don't let people scare you away hehe :D


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I'm alexd, I'm 19 (with a few years experience) and I am currently in South Africa. welcome new person(s)!


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Are you hot?

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Do you like trance? (say no)

Do you wear your hair in a pigtail to one side (say no)

Do you like having sweaty sexx? (say yes)

You can run away now ;)
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