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New Theme Park in Toronto Area (Possibly Ontario Place)


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$60M theme park proposed for Toronto area - Toronto | Globalnews.ca

TORONTO – Developers say they expect a new Greater Toronto Area theme park designed to offer summer 365 days a year will be up and running by the fall of 2016.

The 9,300-square-metre attraction will offer sandy beaches, wave pools, cabanas, restaurants, lazy rivers, vendors and live entertainment.

Developers say the $60 million indoor/outdoor complex is designed to fill a void in the GTA’s tourism market, and will be equipped with a retractable roof, allowing it to operate every day of the year.

Apart from the new Ripley’s Aquarium, they point out that there haven’t been any new attractions in the GTA since Canada’s Wonderland 30 years ago.

The site of the massive complex is still undetermined, but has been narrowed to the three locations and developers of the MarbleLive project say they’re in talks with officials in Mississauga and Toronto.

They say they’re looking for a location that offers the easiest access for tourists as well as finding an ideal site for local residents.

“We’re trying to build a crown jewel so the location really matters,” said Toronto entrepreneur John Barrack, a managing partner of MarbleLive.

“After you go through the winter that we just went through you realize that you really need to give people of all ages something to do in the winter,” said Barrack.

Toronto’s Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly told reporters on Tuesday that discussions he had with the organizers in January indicated either Exhibition Place or Ontario Place would be a good fit for the attraction.

“We’re going to be squeezing a lot into Exhibition Place, especially when we expand BMO Field,” said Kelly. ”That would be a super location but is it a right fit?”

“Of course as you know, Live Nation has a lease on Ontario Place and they would have to work out a deal with them before that is either brought to the province or the city.”

Councillor Doug Ford also said he supports the theme park and would prefer to see it located at the Port Lands.

“Absolutely the Port Lands. It’s not even Doug Ford that says this,” Ford told reporters Tuesday. “It’s some of the most valuable property in the country.”

Mark Bishop, a co-CEO at MarbleLive, said their research has found that Canadians are looking for more things to do in their own backyards.

“The challenge we face as people who live in this area (GTA) is that there really isn’t a lot to do,” said Bishop.

Once fully operational, the theme park is expected to employ 230 full time personnel and attract more than 500,000 visitors within its first year of operation.

-with a file from Global News

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Way better than a Casino!
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indoor water-park for winter, downtown, possibly at Ontario Place (which I live near)

fuck yes. bring it on. Toronto DOES need more fun shit to do in winter.


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so they want to put a giant indoor water park facility that simulates the outdoors, right near the water front?

put it in the suburbs and charge some serious development fees and use them to build or upgrade public pools and community centres.

The Truth

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hopefully something like this..
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60 million? Is that the admission price? Will that amount even buy the land that Ontario place sits on, or are they counting on getting it for free from the city in return for being so awesome.


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i thought that was what ontario place was supposed to be

what did they just spend to renovate it, then close it right after the renovations were complete??

your money....annnnnd its gone
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