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New techno/house/breaks night


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With the club I used to do bookings at now closed, It has freed up time to start another night here in St. Catharines. Thanks to our city council the thought of having anymore unlicenced/all ages afterhours events is just a memory.

I think a few of the ppl (dj's) on the board here have played in St. Catharines in the past. If there is anyone interested in perhaps making a trip down to play sometime starting in march, feel free to contact me for further details.

Tyler, I expect to hear from you sir.


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the technificent crew would gladly take you up on that offer....

that being myself and Curt Martin...

how far is St.Catherines from Toronto???

shall i email you?




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Yes indeed!

Whats the new night like?

Ill message you someday soon. March is pretty busy for me gig wise- I dont think I have free weekened anywhare.



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its about an hour, not quite as far Niagara Falls.

The details as i have them so far.
-venue- Port Mansion (nightclub)
-2 dollar drinks
-open from 9:30 - 3:30 (approx)

I'll post more info when i get it

thanks for the interest



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That works out.

I'm supposed to go down and visit Shiftah when I get a free chance to.
So, an opening might do me good to get some booty shaking in.

Hope everything works out for you kids :]

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Smiley Jo

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I'll be sending you an e-mail tonight.
I've got a great roster of DJ's for you.
Any specific styles you are looking for?
I know you said house/techno and breaks, but I was wondering if you were wanting certain styles.

orange richie

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2am crew is interested!

Check out our website www.2ammusic.com for a look at our crew and mixes to give you an idea of what we spin.

I never made it that far west and would like to experience your scene for sure!

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...