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new song...Tekhop?

Stop Bill C-10


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Originally posted by Kid_Epic
that's weird...it seems to be working now

So it does...

Thanh, this track is amazing. Easily one of the best I've heard posted to this forum. Thats going straight into my MP3 rotation!

I think it stands well, I would say if you are going to add vocals, keep them subtle.

Dude! :)


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Some gorgeous moments here.

Nice foreboding pads. The arpeggiator-style main line is driving - the filter sweeps convey a real intensity. The crescendos are my favourite parts.

If anything, it sounds a bit hi-fi to me :D but I like a little grit with my beats.

Reminiscent of later Massive Attack - and to me that's a good thing!

Likewise, Massive Attack style vocals would do justice to the instrumental.
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