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New Slum Village: Villa Manifesto

Discussion in 'Hip Hop Room' started by Juan Love, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Juan Love

    Juan Love TRIBE Member

    In what may turn out to be the swan song from some of Murder City's finest...we get bitter-sweet glimpses of all the things that made Slum Village legendary.

    From Dilla's trademark sweeping, deep and emotional production aesthetic, some laser sharpened lyricism, guest spots from De La Soul, Phife, Little Brother, Dwele and even TO's own Unsung Hero' Colin Munroe - to some fun and off the wall moments like a Madlib produced tune based around the kazoo ("Earl Flinn"); this album is not necessarily the best in their discography...but, it is a fitting tribute as all of the five members of group are shine while being equally represented.

    Being a posthumous release from both Baatin and Dilla, I was half expecting a re-hash of out-takes and material that should have stayed unreleased (sorry ODB)... however, for the die-hards and uninitiated alike...the album is has a special kind of depth. A bit of a hodgepodge...there are songs for the backpacker, for the ladies, for the Golden Era purists...all flowing together in a non-pretentious not overly derivative manner.

    Credit goes to the surviving members, Dave West, Khrysis, Hi-tek and mostly Young RJ for keeping the sound tight and tastefully attempting to channel Dilla's genius on the songs like "Scheming" and the smooth funky drummer-based banger "2000 Beyond". D-12 alum Mr. Porter also checks in and drops a stupid good soulful-electro beat on "Don't Fight the Feeling/Daylight", that blends into a tribal/funky sitar joint that words really do no justice.

    As for the real deal, Dilla shines on "Lock It Down" and the very fitting album closer "We'll Show You" that features a super-dope synth line that I can't wait to hear on a bigger system.

    Also, solid lead single with "Faster" that captures the band at what they did best...smooth grooves with a velvet flow and punchlines for the ladies. This joint also samples the Art Of Noise classic "Moments In Love"...and I'm a total sucker for 80's "nostalgie".

    In total, a great release that is equally dance-floor, crate digger and headphone friendly...but again, bitter-sweet to think that while strong...it is likely the last we will hear of Slum Village in this sense.

  2. mixupmixup

    mixupmixup TRIBE Member

    some proper hip hop, album is so dope!


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