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yuppie!!!!! more lines to use in everyday life....not like any of us actually do that....lol

lates adam
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fuck! i hate it when stupid people call you during the simpsons!!! argh!!!!

missed everything from the first commercial break to now....grrr....

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Disco Stu:
Hmmm ... that was refreshingly funny

Dude you are so right! That was great..the goodbye world, hello ironic twist was great!

Finally, I laughed at a new episode of the simpsons...bought frinkin' time!


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I was quite impressed... had an old Simpsons feel to it.

"He made us melt in Chocolat, now it's his turn"
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That was a Motherloving Ben Stiller, right? I liked the Count too, reminded me of that other Count....
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best episode i've seen in awhile!!

when disco stu did the lines of sugar i was on the floor...

Temper Tantrum

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"but only on account of what sugar did to my cousin Diabetta"

"I'm exercising to fit into momma's grave...this here is my re-ward"

*chomps down on cake*



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I only caught the last 10 minutes.
(stupid parking lots down town... all look the same + rogers digital punking out)

It was an episode right up my alley too...
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