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New sets


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'Newish' mix from moi available at www.jaykaufman.ca:

Jay Kaufman presents Lush (June 21st, 2007)


1. Jim Siver - Lost Places (Simuck Deep dub) - Swordtail Records
2. Christian Paduraru - Express Yourself (Bobby Deep remix) - Cicique Digital
3. Gun & Gore - Chrordfashion - Powder Records
4. Daniel Ravaioli - Syntax Error (Jay Kaufman re-edit) - Play On E.P. - Presslab Limited
5. Bass Kleph - Coup d'etat (Hook n' Sling remix) (Jay Kaufman re-edit) - Vacation Records
6. Envotion - Down There (SJL Encore Edit) - Deep Records
7. Gun & Gore - More Time - Powder Records
8. Jay Kaufman - Off Kilter - unsigned CDR
9. Gun & Taucher - Dampfmaschine - Bluetunes Records
10. Matt Rowan & Jaytech - Holding On - Red Seven Records
11. Distant Fragment and Steve Mill - Utopia (DJ Tarkan & V-Sag remix) - The Underground Sound of Madrid
12. Jay Kaufman - Blitz (Jay Kaufman's Four For The Floor Chainsided remix) - unsigned CDR
13. Pravda featuring Koshka - I've Got Voice (Jay Kaufman re-edit) - unsigned CDR


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Sasha - Renaissance - Live @ Cinespace - Toronto 1994

This was the night I became a big Sasha fan... even though there wasn't much of a crowd, the music was rockin' the whole night, Dwynn, Kimball Collins, and others... good times.

This set was ripped from a tape I have so the quality isn't amazing, but it's still pretty good. PM me if you want it.


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i remember that flyer, because of DWYNN
he ws from detroit or something wasnt he

i just remember that line up, but then again i wasnt into progressive back then so i didnt attend
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^^ yeah Dwynn was from Detroit... that's why I actually went to this event, I use to love detroit techno... and at the time I had heard of Sasha, but never saw him play, and I had no clue who Kimball was... But after that night I walked out a Sasha and Kimball fan... Sasha's set was magical that night, and ever time I listen to this set i'm blown away at how incredible it is... Pure Classic!!!
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www.mega upload.com/?d=JDJKU369

John Acquaviva - Live @ Rex Mix 2CParis - 2007-07-25

Really impressed with what I've been hearing from Acquaviva the last little while.


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SKIB said:
what's the last track played in this set? the one that cuts out short... must... have...

it's got the vocals "i'm in love with you... want you to love me too"... might be a track luke plays as well...

that entire porter set is quality, just wish it was longer!
nomad - in love with you

insane tune


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recent set from Ricky Ryan


01* Togetherists - Oceanside Beatless (Intro Edit) - BODEGADEEPER
02* Nick Chacona - The Right Wing - SAW
03* Andreas Bender - Shadows Over Detroit (Jeff Bennett Remix) - JUST A GROOVE
04* Dualtone - Outbreak - OUTSIDE THE MUSIC BOX
05* Dj Lion ft. T'Yana - Should Be Free (Zon Remix) - USB
06* Dana Bergquist - Mc Enroe (Sharon & Robert Remix) - SYMPHONIC
07* Lars Sommerfeld - Sweet Ride vs Jurgen Paape - Nord (RR Edit) - CDR
08* The Myriads - Horney (Artego Dub Mix) - SICK WATONA
09* Audiofly X & Paul Harris - Miscalate (Partial Arts Mix) - REKIDS
10* Dumb Dan - Push Too Hard - AVANGARDIA
11* Ida Corr - Let Me Think (Funkerman Mix / RR Dub Edit) - CDR
12* Tim Davidson - Waking Strangers (Max Graham) - REBRAND
13* Magik Johnson - Eastern Lights - SAVED
14* Robsounds - All I Ever Wanted (Original Mix) - BELLARINE
15* U & K - Options - (Original Mix) - PURE SUBSTANCE
16* Shlomi Aber ft. Lemon - Moods (Valentino Kanzayani Mix) - RENAISSANCE
17* Superlounge - Ghost (Bradler & Hurtig Remix) - RESTART
18* Michel De Hey vs Grooveyard - Compound (Peter Horrevorts Remix) - EC
19* Merkins - Nesk - CURFEW
20* 808 State - Pacific 808 (Dave Brennan Remix / RR Edit) - CDR


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james zabiela - space of sound madrid
pole folder - 80hz sessions 1/8/2007
jody wisternoff - genre show 28/9/2007
hybrid - particles 23/9/2007

pole folder and jody wisternoff have been fuckin killing it lately

the pole folder zouk singapore set in particular is insane(you can find it on mixingbowl.com if you are a member)
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matthew dekay

nuff said, the big names are totally dropping the ball

i havent heard a good set from sasha/digweed/seaman in ages, warren hasnt been doing anything to tempt me also

dekay, folder, wisternoff , have been tearing it up
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