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New RYAN RUCKUS (Hustlin' Beats) Mix CD Online

Ryan Ruckus

TRIBE Promoter
Maximum boost to all the Tribe.ca Crew,

This is Ryan Ruckus from Hustlin’ Beats and Empire Productions in Toronto, just checking in and giving you a listen to my new CD called PIMP MUSIC Vol. 1. This mix was done then beginning of November and will be in stores just in time for Xmas. The version of the CD that will be available in stores will be recorded at CD quality and come with full colour insert, graffix & each track will be marked so you can skip through to your favourite part of the set.

Click on the link below and give it a listen and let me know if you are in it or not… I’m all about the feedback, good or bad.




1. Ready For This – DJ Hazard (True Playaz)
2. Wake Up Call – Clipz (Full Cycle)
3. Life Forms – John Rolodex vs. Cartridge (Dread Recs.)
4. Nosher (Baron RMX) – Total Science – (CIA)
5. Mr. Hunger – J Majik & Wickaman – (Infrared)
6. Champion Sound (Generation Dub RMX) – Total Science– (Advanced)
7. September – Unknown – (Months009)
8. Baby Boy RMX – D Region vs. Beyonce & S. Paul – (Name Recs.)
9. The Beats (Total Science RMX) – Invaders – (Invaders)
10. Hidden Track – DJ Zinc (P)
11. Happy Hour (Simon Bassline RMX) – Danny C – (V Recs.)
12. Enuff Iz Enuff – DJ Hazard – (True Playaz)
13. Pitch Shift – Wickaman – (Infrared)
14. Dangerous – Drumsound & Simon Bassline – (Technique)
15. Different Drum (Dillinja RMX) – London Elekricity ft. Robert Owens – (Hospital)
16. Ouch! (Drumsound RMX) – Distorted Minds ft. MC Foxy – (D-Style Recs.)
17. Foreigner – Fresh – (Breakbeat Kaos)
18. No No No (Rolodex RMX) – Ray Keith ft. Alexandra & MC Navigator (Dread)
19. Blandwagon Poos – John B – (Poos)
20. Lucky Star (Dillinja RMX) – Bassment Jaxx – (XL)
21. Tudor Rose (Shimon RMX) – Dillinja – (Hardleaders)

For feedback and booking info please contact deejay_ruckus@hotmail.com or Laura at info@unitedcanadianartists.com

Much Respect!
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
Originally posted by hysterical
SICK FUCKN MIX, As usual!!!!

Who made track 7....its fuckn sick?


Ill say Twisted Individual. That "Months" collection is a Formation thing.


TRIBE Member
Originally posted by hysterical
SICK FUCKN MIX, As usual!!!!

Who made track 7....its fuckn sick?

Also, where's all the locals:(

anyways Sick mix

it's either, too many locals or not enough.

Ryan IS the local!!!!

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TRIBE Member
Originally posted by hysterical
It doesnt sound like twisted, i quess noone will know:D

its someone from taht camp. Twisted was responsible for alot of em.
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