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new resources for self employees visual and media artists

Sunshyne Jones

TRIBE Member
these are not free, but they're less than $50 (+s/h) and they sound pretty useful to me, especially the first one. saw this on www.workinculture.ca and thought i'd post 'em here in case they're of interested to the tribe artistes.

"Introducing two great resources for self-employed Visual and Media Artists

Artists' Contracts:
Agreements for Visual and Media Artists
by Paul Sanderson & Ronald N. Hier., CARFAC Ontario, 2006

Artists' Contracts; Agreements for Visual and Media Artists is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to the "dos and don'ts" of written contracts. Artists' Contracts acts as a valuable resource to all artists, emerging and established, on their legal rights. It serves as an important educational primer, providing information on the essentials of contractual agreements, tips on how to draft and negotiate contracts, and advice on what to do if disputes should arise. It also introduces general legal terms found in most contracts, and includes comprehensive notes. Written in plain language to avoid the excessive use of "legalese", Artists' Contracts puts forward the necessary tools to help artists negotiate contracts effectively and to their benefit. Artists' Contracts is a national update of Model Agreements for Visual and Media Artists of Ontario. Now with updated information that applies to every province and territory.

Information for Artists:
A Practical Guide for Visual Artists
Edited by CARFAC Ontario, 3rd Edition, CARFAC Ontario, 2005

How do you publicize your artwork? What is a listserve? How do you do your taxes? How do you transport your artwork safely and cost-effectively? Answers to these questions lie in the pages of Information for Artists: A Practical Guide for Visual and Media Artists. Based on the original publication from 1988, this unique and up-to-date "survival guide" consists of nineteen chapters covering a variety of subjects relevant to Canadian visual and media artists. The authors come from diverse backgrounds specializing in visual and media art, education, arts administration, law and accounting. Information for Artists is an indispensable resource that artists will refer to again and again."
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