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New Remix - Protoxic - The You In Me (Darren Marshall remix)


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Protoxic - The You In Me (Darren Marshall remix)


Most definitely a different sound from me... Bigger, happier, main room house vibes with a very upfront piano hook!.. great feel good dance floor ammo right here.

Feedback and/or comments are welcomed and encouraged.. leave them on Sound Cloud if possible. Release details are being worked out.. so.. TBD

Enjoy... and thanks for Listening!


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This one was from 6-7 months ago..

Granted, it's not realllllllly where I have gone music in comparison to some of my projects these days.. BUT.. this was most def a stepping stone on the learning curve getting here and was a fun project to work on.

Just giving a small bump as it was finally released at Beatport today via PM recordings.