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New Remix : Eric Cadillac - Something Inside (Darren Marshall Remix)


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Eric Cadillac - Something Inside (Darren Marshall Remix)

***Available On Beatport TOMORROW (Aug 5th) via Dirty Deluxe Records ***


The whole label fell in love with the hook of the original and ended up producing 7 remixes between 6 Dirty Deluxe artist.. total family affair! :D Other mixes were supplied by Jeff Mason, Isaac S, Damian Definite and Sizemoreism.

My remix is a chuggy, feel good and fun blend of straight up house with some techy yet upbeat drums.. BIG swinging horns... and some wicked vocal cuts from a motown classic!

I've been getting some great vibes on this one...dropped it at the end of the Bounce party last weekend and it sounded great loud and live!

feel free to comment or leave feedback.

Thanks as always for listening!

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