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New Release - Darren Marshall - The Fever

Discussion in 'Electronic Music Producers Forum' started by DoubleDown, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. DoubleDown

    DoubleDown TRIBE Member


    Darren Marshall - The Fever

    ***Available On Beatport NOW via Dirty Deluxe Records ***



    The Fever is a back and forth blend of groovy Tech House and a Disco hook.

    Early Support from The Scumfrog, Eric Etreana, Eddie Amador, Rob Roar

    Beatport Release Link - http://beatport.com/s/r15ISf

    Thanks in advance for listening!

    Darren Marshall | Facebook

    Darren Marshall - Tracks - SoundCloud
  2. DoubleDown

    DoubleDown TRIBE Member

    My handy dandy Soundcloud reporting tool tells me the track got over half it's hits from the link on Tribe yesterday..

    thanks to anyone who gave it a spin. Lord knows I don't write this shit to get rich! lol, far from it!... but instead for people to listen to and enjoy.. and If I am lucky, cut a touch of rug to as well


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