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New psk.ca mix

Tricky kid

TRIBE Member
psk.ca presents a Brand new D&B mix from the one called Bucky
the tracklisting is in the audio section along with the mix

Happy New Year
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Tricky kid

TRIBE Member
the Bucky mix tracklisting:

Urban Style Music (Hidden Agenda RMX) - Lemon D
Kickin' Tha Habit - Klute
Zanzibar (Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance) - Total Science
So Confused - Syntax
Firing Line - Teebee
Heads Will Roll - Ed Rush & Optical
Psychic Killer - Slient Witness & Break
Cold Rock Stuff - Tango & Ratty
10ers - Digital
Headz Roll - Loxy & Ink
Dual Sense - Amit
Chinese Whispers - Spirit
Paranoia - The Militia
Sledgehammer (Pneumatix) - Dom vs. Calyx
Final Conflict - B-Key

Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
So Confused - Syntax
Psychic Killer - Slient Witness & Break

man, those two tracks are killer! buti i thought the
Syntax was done by Photek! still a rough tune.
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